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  1. New 2020 hatchback sport

    Get a cold air intake and a tuning device like Hondata or Ktuner.
  2. 2020 Hatchback EX

    Get a cold air intake.
  3. Staggered wheels not sure best tire size

    235 is going to be stretched on the 9 inch rins and even more with the 10 inch rims. It would be best to run a 255 on the 9 inch and 265 for the 10 inch. Profile of 40 will be tall for the 19 inch diameter rims, it would be be best to run a 30-35 sidewall profile tires.
  4. Engine update

    @Natick there was a member here who had a custom tune onboard and the dealership just flashed his ECU with the updated software. He was so furious since custom tune cost money. He’s now back to square one and need to get that custom tune again. I would suggest that you flash it back to stock...
  5. AC Compressor Shortage

    They can’t hold your car hostage if they don’t have the parts yet.
  6. How do I keep the exterior of my car clean?

    I would usually use the carnauba wash and wax from Meguiar’s when washing the car. For polishing, I use the Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions ceramic wax and top it off with their ceramic spray. If there’s heavy swirl marks, I use Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish and their Mirror Glaze...
  7. Honda Civic 2020 Sport 2 door coupe reverse leds

    Check your owner’s manual. It’s listed over there.
  8. CVT custom tune torque limits

    Ditch the Injen intake first and replace it with either 27won or PRL Cobra CAI. Injen intakes are known to make your fuel trim go wacko which is bad for the engine on the long run.
  9. 2020 Civic Sport Manual or Si?

    You get bigger brakes for the Si.
  10. MAPerformace Intake Heat Soak?

    Hell yeah! An air duct to feed it from the foglight will be excellent.
  11. Oil Changes

    Should be full synthetic.
  12. 1.5T PRL MAF housings Si vs Non-Si (What's the diff?)

    Si has a bigger MAF compared to non-Si 1.5 turbo engines.
  13. 1.5T Ktuner Anti-Lag/2step set-up - Share your setup

    This is just the only two-step that I have. 😂
  14. Eibach Sportlines with SPC Camber Arm Install

    @Rone811 any tips for the OP.
  15. Rolling Anti-Lag?

    Update us in the future once you get a Flashpro and enable the “anti-lag” feature. :popcorn:
  16. Oem offset on aftermarket wheels?

    OEM wheels are not 18x9.5 +38mm offset. Maybe you mean OEM tires.
  17. Oem offset on aftermarket wheels?

    That will definitely be poking out a lot and will rub. What’s the complete specs?
  18. Civic Sport Camshafts

    It will fit.
  19. Civic Sport Camshafts

    It’s because most of the focus is on the L15B and the K20 Type R motor.