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  1. Stolen airbag from my 2018 Hatch :(

    Don't all (or most) 10th gens auto lock when you walk away? I know my 2020 EX hatch does. Assumed this was a standard feature.
  2. Does anyone keep halogen bulbs?

    I still have my stock ones, probably will for a while. They're bright enough so changing them is not a top priority at the moment. I'll get around to it sometime within the next 12 months though.
  3. Hatch rear spoiler

    Thanks for the heads up! Hopefully I can land another job pretty quickly. I'm kinda rusty as I've been as this one for over 5 years.
  4. What to do about dealer joy ride?

    I have a Rexing V1 and love it to death.
  5. Hatch rear spoiler

    Sonic Grey. This is what she currently looks like:
  6. What to do about dealer joy ride?

    All of this. You shouldn't disrespect others anyway. However, if you're going to do it, see you're being watched, and still do deserve anything coming your way.
  7. Anyone else blowing their speakers easy?

    I stay around 12 or 13 with audio books and 15 or 16 with music, the few times I have that playing. Any louder than those and I wonder how people pay attention to the road and environment around them. Meanwhile, a buddy of mine has his so loud (in his Celica) that you can hear it down the block...
  8. Crazy to Prefer a Non-Si?

    I went with an EX hatch for a few reasons. I wanted a hatchback, I wanted all the options, I wanted an AT since MT sucks in traffic, and I didn't want leather interior since I hate it. The EX hatch was the perfect car for me.
  9. Anyone else blowing their speakers easy?

    Kind of hard to blow the speakers with audio books. I'm past the age of blaring music with the windows down to annoy everyone else on the road.
  10. Hatch rear spoiler

    Well, not I'm pretty convinced that I need it. However, it'll have to sit on my wish list for a bit as I'm losing my job next Friday. :/
  11. Hatch rear spoiler

    I'm torn. On one hand, I'm not sure how it'd look with my top spoiler. On the other, it looks pretty good (on its own, anyway) and would be cool to make my car even more of a one of a kind than it is.
  12. wheels

    Have you checked Tire Rack or Fitment Industries? Using those 2 sites, all your questions can be answered in a few clicks.
  13. Where can I buy these side markers ?

    Not the same design, but I went with iJDMTOY off Amazon. I mainly wanted the same day shipping. Ordered them at 10am and had them by 4pm. Installed by 4:15pm.
  14. 2019+ Civic dome lights different than 16-18?

    My 2020 EX hatch didn't have that. I took the cover off and pulled the bulb out.
  15. Favorite songs to play when driving your Type R?

    Don't have a CTR, but I tend to listen to audio books and podcasts while driving.
  16. Wondering if anyone has this rear window spoiler

    How'd your car end up on Amazon?
  17. Damaged rims after tire replacement

    That's about the time I would have taken my business elsewhere.
  18. HFP suspension on 2019 Canadian SI

    Ouch! For that price, I'd definitely go with coils. It'd be cheaper. At almost $2600, you're getting pretty close to air kit prices.
  19. Was I fooled or not?

    First, a dealer can't "force" you to buy anything. Second, as dude above me said, there's nothing wrong with preventative maintenance. Better than not doing it and then needing more repairs down the line.