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  1. Sometimes I wonder

    I'm way over 40 so I tend to agree with you. 20 some years ago I tracked my car (laps and drag) and I wanted more HP. Nowadays, my driving looks a lot more like commuting and taking my kids to sports and activities. I occasionally dream of more expensive/faster cars like the C8 or even the...
  2. how long does a Honda Civic battery usually last? Is it covered under the powertrain warranty?

    Mine died in under 2 years. I replaced it with a 5 year one. Don't want to be stranded 20 miles from home again. Grrr that was frustrating, trying to track someone down with jumper cables in a shady area. :-/
  3. Let me see your aftermarket Wheels.

    I love my stock wheels, but man if I ever purchase a car with wimpy/steel wheels in the future, I'm buying these! Thanks for posting!
  4. Transmission Fluid question

    Many people here including myself have used Valvoline CVT synthetic fluid with good results.
  5. How do I keep the exterior of my car clean?

    I have a gravel driveway. I drive slow, but it still get's dusty. So I dust my car either every day, or every other day with my beloved California Car Duster.
  6. My dealership experience

    Why did she say that? Were they not going to recharge it? Well, it sounds like they did. You should be good for a while. I'd recommend running the A/C several times this winter to keep it lubed.
  7. Fun little race

    I was just checking out your car and mods. Those are impressive stats. Ever go to a track? I feel like you could hit the 12's with those numbers.
  8. Fun little race

    Cool story! Racing is always fun, even when ya lose. I'm not sure about the whole top of 5th gear on public roads, but I get it. Stay safe out there! Keep representing the H.
  9. Horn replacement for '20 Civic X Hatch Sport Touring

    I just had to replace my horn again. The first one I bought only lasted a few months. Completely dead. This new one I just bought has similar reviews, so we'll see. It definitely sounds better than the first one, which usually had a sick sound. You could tell it was never that great to begin...
  10. How much is your insurance?

    93 bucks for 6 months. Getting older has benefits!! Haha (over 40 with clean record past 10 years) Through USAA. Liability only, though. It's a rebuilt title and was only half the price of a new one, so I'm not out much cash if I total it and it's my fault. Odds of me being at fault: slim...
  11. Honda Civic Sport Vs EX comparison

    Because Sport Hatches are awesome.
  12. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    To you and @charleswrivers. Scary stuff. How in the world does my car have zero rattles??? Dumb luck? Anyway, I washed my silver bullet today. They chip-sealed our neighborhood earlier this month. It's been a dusty mess. Yesterday they came back and sprayed a topcoat layer of tar oil (?)...
  13. DIY Muffler delete for under $100

    Well, the drone was a bit too much. I ended up buying a glasspack from Jegs and clamping it in place of the straight pipe before the y-splitter. A small amount of steel wool in the glasspack is 100% perfect. Wife didn't even notice I deleted the stock muffler when she drove it to work, but...
  14. Are y'all's AC dying as often as mine is?

    As discussed in many A/C threads around here, there are several of us who purchased cans of R-1234YF to refill our own systems when they start blowing warm. I've been lucky - my first $30 can has lasted over 2 months, still nice and cold! This has been a great inexpensive fix after my dealer...
  15. 10th Gen sedan and Hatchback

    Yes the 10 th gen sedan is econo looking. No the 10 th gen sedan is econo looking. The 2 top choices above are saying the same thing, yet they are opposite. :what::dunno: Confused as I was, I just opted for number 3 that the hatchback looks good. (However, one might say a message board full...
  16. Side Shot Saturday!

    Keeping the thread alive. All cleaned up but nowhere to go.....
  17. Not ENOUGH Power?

    100% Agreed, but I really didn't wanna say something like "You should've bought a Mustang.... or a 370Z." Although, who doesn't want a 370z??? :drive:
  18. Not ENOUGH Power?

    Sounds like you should've bought a Type R....
  19. Does anyone actually enjoy the dealership experience? Is buying cars online better?

    Amazing, you just described every one of my wife's online purchases from Kohl's, Old Navy, Gap, and Justice. She of course returns them in person, which only gives her more reason to shop afterwards.
  20. CIVIC 1.5T ARE ONE OF THE BEST HONDAS EVER MADE! I LOVE MY CIVIC! ft; faster than a 2020 BMW X7 M50I

    I've hmmm'ed and haw'ed over getting a tune since Day 1 b/c I strongly believe what you just said. Problem is I'm too big of a weenie and don't want to hurt my CVT. [And I even consider myself a risk taker!] In the end I just want my civic to provide enjoyment for years and years to come and...