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  1. Low beam Headlights Not working

    Given all of the above... we must know... Any mods? And have you seen any marmot nests in the engine compartment?
  2. Wiring Diagram?

    That sounds promising. If nothing else; you could fish a replacement wire from either end and connect them. The gauge makes me believe they carry power as you stated. Fingers crossed.
  3. Auto Window Problem

    WD-40 oil or WD-40 silicone? There's also this stuff called Shin-etsu grease that's specifically made for the rubber parts. I've used it on all my Hondas since 1995.
  4. Wiring Diagram?

    Yikes. I don't have a diagram. But that harness might terminate at the under hood fuse box (or maybe the under dash fuse box). You may be able to trace the severed blue wire from the other end. Or I suppose you could just try the accessories one by one and go trial and error. I believe the...
  5. Fuel Pump Recall Repair Fail

    My brother has an Insight with the same recall. Those forums have stories where the techs failed to drain the fuel line before replacement and spilled gas in the floorboard. They are not happy either. I guess we're all so used to/spoiled by the old Honda reliability that it's kind of an odd...
  6. 2017 Si w/ 28k miles. Emissions problem, Power Steering problem, Traction Control problem, Hill Assist problem, etc.

    All of the above... But it also should be easy enough to switch the #4 coil to another cylinder and see if the misfire follows it. Also still got wire damage in the corner of my eye. I'm guessing Honda used the existing wires/coils to connect to the new engine. But yeah... your shit should...
  7. Charger cord, bad usb device

    In addition... whenever I suspect that a cable is bad; I always cut it in half before I toss it in the trash. Back in my studio days; we'd spend a bunch of time chasing down a problem, isolate it to a wonky cable, and toss it in the trash only to have someone come along later and say "oh...
  8. Need help installing hella horns

    I'm still peeking inside through the window in this thread. But the 16 amps is raising a red flag with me. Is 16 amps going through *any* factory wiring (or the CHH adapter) in this scenario?
  9. Flashing red light on dash

    In my LX (which has no Smart Entry feature); that light indicates an alarm status where the doors have been unlocked mechanically with the key rather than by using the button on the key. The 'handshake' between the alarm and the key hasn't happened yet. If I were to open the hood or the...
  10. Civic vs red light runner on a bicycle (everyone is ok!)

    Railroad engineers express the same sentiments. I hope that, in time, you can sort that out in your head. And I'm glad it wasn't worse; since it easily could have been. People in general, in my experience, do this in cars, on bikes, or as pedestrians. I don't understand it.
  11. Some questions about factory amp and speaker/sub upgrades [2016 Coupe EX-L]

    I'll let others chime in on the 'best' way to go about all this. I'm an old school, 4 speaker system audio dude. I used to work with time alignment and phase issues in the studio all the time. But I've never been impressed by a car audio system with all those features. If there's a decent...
  12. Some questions about factory amp and speaker/sub upgrades [2016 Coupe EX-L]

    Not to complicate things... But my experience is that the factory system *seems* to have this dynamic processing that changes with volume and the general spectrum of the input signal. So trying to dial-in something with a test tone, for example, is pointless once you start playing a podcast...
  13. 2017 Civic coupe dead battery. Warranty?

    The factory batteries are awful. Consider yourself fortunate that yours lasted as long as it did. If Honda did replace it; they'd likely replace it with another awful one. Read a few of the threads at the bottom of the page. I'd avoid the AGM ones and just go with a mid grade from one of the...
  14. Infotainment went out

    If you were to do the fuse reset thing again; I'd be curious to know if the thing would work (AC control, etc) for longer than 10 minutes without the radio/stereo being switched on. If so... I suspect that your aftermarket stereo setup is to blame.
  15. Infotainment went out

    Something loose or something being shorted intermittently or it just takes that long for the HU to go into protection mode again, IMO. Were you using the HU to play anything during the ten minutes? I dunno how nuts you want to go with troubleshooting. But if it were me; I'd try and bypass all...
  16. Infotainment went out

    My dealership refused to touch the thing until I had removed all the aftermarket stereo stuff. Can you easily and temporarily disconnect/disable your aftermarket stuff; then reset the head unit? That might be another thing to try before you take it to 'the man'. I'm wondering if you pinched...
  17. Fuel

    Is there any argument to be made re: using 93 since COVID-19 and fuel in the car going 'stale'?
  18. Show Me Your Stickers!

    I'm working on the sticker. But here's the idea.
  19. Where/how to LED flashing underglow lights?

    I've seen emergency amber LEDS with the same pre-programmed flashing patterns. eBay has a ton of them. There's a controller box and they connect to 12 Volts. I'd avoid red and blue or anything *capable* of doing red or blue. In my state (NC) it's a crime to even posses a blue light outside...
  20. Walk Away Auto Lock Rapid Beeping Nightmare

    The beeper thingy is located just under the rear bumper. If push comes to shove; you can just disconnect it.