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  1. Titan7 Track Wheels : Civic Type R FK8

    If you guys wanted a white set of wheels, we would probably need a minimum order of 10 sets. To get this going, we would just need deposits from everyone interested. -Josh
  2. Where can i get exhaust system?

    We can get you exhausts. -Josh
  3. Titan 7 Civic Type-R wheel request (18x8.5 ET60 5x120)

    Their closest fitment is 18x8.5+44. -Josh
  4. Are forged rims really worth it ??>

    One word. Titan7, great bang for your buck Forged wheels.. -Josh
  5. Titan7 Forged Wheels Dealer

    Some sets back in stock! TD6 in black is a popular one right now! Hit us up! -Josh
  6. Titan7 Track Wheels : Civic Type R FK8

    255/40/18 will be fine, you won't rub on stock height. indy 500 is a nice alternative to PSS for the price. Do not use stock lugs with aftermarket wheels, the bottom of the lug do not match up with the wheels. There are bunch of lug options that range from $50-400. Depending on what suites...
  7. Titan7 Track Wheels : Civic Type R FK8

    Anyone interested in a set, let us know! Limited sets in stock. -Josh
  8. Best Online retailers?

    We can be of assistance as well. Feel free to reach out to us with what you're looking for and we can quote you out. -Josh
  9. Invidia R400 vs AWE Touring

    AWE touring has no drone! Less than the Invidia I would say. -Josh
  10. Looking for an AWE touring exhaust with black tips. where should I buy from and how long would it take to ship?

    Hey, We can get you taken care of. We are a dealer for AWE. Text me at 213 394 2886! -Josh
  11. Choices on Catback Exhaust?

    Let us know which one you want and we might have it. -Josh
  12. Titan7 Track Wheels : Civic Type R FK8

    Looks great, glad you waited for what you wanted. :) (Going to post this on our Instagram) -Josh
  13. Choices on Catback Exhaust?

    Got the part #? Probably not though. A lot of products are on backorder, high demand, no supply.. -Josh
  14. My review of Invidia R400 exhaust.

    We have one in stock. Text me at 213 394 2886. -Josh
  15. My review of Invidia R400 exhaust.

    Which part # did you order? We might have one in stock. BTW, nice write up OP! -Josh
  16. Titan7 Track Wheels : Civic Type R FK8

    For anyone interested, Titan7 just restocked some wheels and more coming in this month. -Josh
  17. Choices on Catback Exhaust?

    We can get you pricing on any of the above exhausts! Invidia doesn't really go on sale, they're just sold for cheap most of the time. -Josh
  18. Titan7 Track Wheels : Civic Type R FK8

    Titan wheels should never be discounted that heavily by any dealer. -Josh
  19. Greddy DD-R exhaust

    Yes we can. -Josh
  20. Greddy DD-R exhaust

    For anyone that needs pricing on these units let us know! -Josh