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  1. 2016 Civic LKAS, ACC , AEB disabled after LKAS recalibration

    x2. OEM Honda glass only. After trying to calibrate my first aftermarket windshield and fighting the HDS I always check for OE glass now. We still get body shops that screw it up from time to time.
  2. Steering wheel icon blinking?

    From my experience, if you don't clean the engine bay with degreaser after the repair rodents will return. They smell droppings and think the engine bay is a hangout, without cleaning they return. It is not uncommon for cars to come back the next day or the same week with the same damage. I...
  3. Calif. mandating all cars sold by 2035 are zero-emission

    Per current proposal: every new vehicle sold in CA after 2035 must be full electric, says nothing about used car sales or anything regarding out of state purchases brought in to CA. People will just import new vehicles from out of state if the loophole exists.
  4. Calif. mandating all cars sold by 2035 are zero-emission

    >President tries again to repeal the California Air Resources Board, CARB was formed to allow CA the ability to write it's own emissions regulations separate from the other 49 states, shit can CARB and revert back to a Federal Mandated system controlled by EPA, one standard for all 50 states...
  5. Auto Window Problem

    The master window switch needs to relearn the "up" and "down" locations. With the key in the "ON" position, hold the drivers window switch in the full down/auto down position, continue to hold for 3 seconds when the window reaches the bottom and stops. Now go full up in the full up/auto up...
  6. 10th gen civic electronic brake not working

    Did you jack up the front of the vehicle and drive the wheels, allowing them to spin? Sounds like the car freaking the f out applying the ABS. These cars do not like that AT ALL lol.
  7. Is this factory issue or something else?

    Looks to me like it's been repainted, hard to tell from the photo. FYI, we don't have to report lot damage to the customer, it happens often. If a new car should get damaged while on the lot it is common practice for the body repairs to be made before the car is sold to anyone, this may have...
  8. 2017 Civic coupe dead battery. Warranty?

    Factory battery is covered for 3yr/36k miles from purchase date.
  9. Warranty Question

    I'm on OE pads and rotors. You can try to do a few medium effort stops from about 40mph, this tends to lift any debris/glaze on the rotors and pads.
  10. Charger cord, bad usb device

    Telling you what I tell all our customers: Honda recommends you use only Apple brand cables, aftermarket cables do not guarantee proper functions. Please ensure any cable you are using is not damaged in any way, no frayed cords, no cracked connectors etc. I get a lot of customers who swear up...
  11. Cvt issues as usual

    Verify the CVT fluid level first. They changed the valve body so they dropped the pan, some techs just throw in 3-4qts of fluid and ship it. Incorrect fluid level will cause cvt issues that mimic slipping. Verify proper fluid level through the access port on the radiator side of the trans then...
  12. Infotainment went out Look here and do what I told this guy to do. Quit letting all the smoke out of the wiring ya dingus. :slap:
  13. Engine Underbody Shield

    My only complaint about this aftermarket panel is that it looks to be lacking the OEM NACA ducts that provide engine bay cooling/airflow. If Honda is adding air ducting its for a reason, they could have just as easily made it perfectly flat and saved time on the tooling.
  14. 2016 Touring Engine shuts off after acceleration

    If the CEL is flashing you have stored DTC. Take it back to the dealer, tell them to check the "on-boad snapshot data". When you check codes with the Honda HDS scantool there are 2 screens, DTC and On-board snapshot. Most techs just check DTC, find nothing and blow it out because the failure...
  15. Warranty Question

    It comes and goes on my CTR, I wouldn't trip out about it. For your 3yr/36k warranty it's bumper to bumper, so if you don't like fit/finish etc use it. That brake noise is pretty characteristic though, changing out the OE pads with news ones really aint gonna do anything. Brembo calipers and...
  16. 2016 Civic LX no power to head unit

    In the underhood fuse box, on the right bank of fuses in your pic, above the green 30A fuse, check the 10A red and 15A blue just above the green 30A. Those are the audio unit power fuses. If the accessory power outlet/cigarette lighter does not work, check fuse B29, a yellow 20A fuse in the...
  17. Warranty Question

    Your mods will not matter UNLESS it is found that the mods were the cause of any failure/issue. So for example, if you hydro-lock your engine due to a cold air intake sucking water into the engine, we would not/have not in the past covered the engine under warranty because the mod was the cause...
  18. Please read! Verified A/C issue with 1.5L

    18 units out of 35k sold in 2018 in north america, pretty good failure rate if you ask me. Honda came out with a TSB that most of these trans/torque converter failures were being incorrectly diagnosed and was addressed by the engineering department. ATF fluid temps were prematurely deteriorating...
  19. Has anyone ever moved the radar?

    Those are precision calibrated for their location on the car, not going to move them without causing a whole lot of problems. Disconnecting it will cause problems as well. These really can't be messed with at all without lighting up your whole dash with error codes. Welcome to 2020 tuning :dunno:
  20. Please read! Verified A/C issue with 1.5L

    After all the cars I've owned and worked on over the years, I ended up selling my M3 for a CTR. There is no "perfect car", if there was they wouldn't need mechanics for that brand. Look at the same cars 100k miles later and check back. Our dealer is paired with a Toyota dealer, buddy works at...