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  1. Wisconsin FS: Interior Parts (type-r & Si)

    What's your best price shipped to 75035? -R
  2. Wisconsin FS: Interior Parts (type-r & Si)

    The door panels / armrest are actual suede not that crappy cloth stuff on the lower models?
  3. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar

    I got the newsletter update and stupid yahoo did something and it disappeared :(
  4. Florida 2020 Rear diffuser (Black)

    If you can ship, I'm still interested :) -R
  5. Florida 2020 Rear diffuser (Black)

    Have you sold this yet? :) -R
  6. Florida 2020 Rear diffuser (Black)

    If you can ship, let me know please, im interested. -R
  7. Florida 2020 Rear diffuser (Black)

    So this is the diffuser and the exhaust insert to cover the center cutout? -R
  8. Hi-Rev Sports Mugen Replica Taillights

    Look at these for the sedan.
  9. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar

  10. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar

    $399.99 :P haha
  11. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar

    I think that puts this thing north of $400, will be curious to see what else is added to it between now and production. -R
  12. Comprehensive Hatch Spoiler List

    Looks similar for sure. I have the GAS one on my hatch. -R
  13. Civic Hatchback Side Window Visors / Rain Deflectors

    Code please :) already have these but need new ones. One got damaged a little. -R
  14. Arkansas Hi Rev Sports Mugen-Style Tail Lights

    Pretty good deal on those taillights :) -R
  15. My new Supra

    Reminds me of my Nissan Skyline :P -R
  16. Steering wheel Lower Garnish Part number

    I think you have to remove the airbag first in order to get the steering wheel trim parts off. -R
  17. 27WON Front Strut Tower Bar

    Yeah I was looking at the Perrin bar and a few others but after seeing the 27won version. I think for sure I will be waiting on it to come out and getting it for my hatch. Worth the wait :) -R
  18. just bought a used 2018 ex hatchback, what am i missing on my center console?

    His USB Port cover is flipped up, the port for Carplay / Android Auto is located up front next to the phone charger port at least it was on the 2017 EX Hatch i have. -R
  19. Do you Name your Civic or cars?

    I prefer black cars, if I had kept the Eclipse. I would have ended up wrapping it satin matte black :P -R