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    Why are you selling though? this sounds like a good deal
  2. California FS: used vitviper turbo

    Do you or anyone have dyno numbers on this?
  3. California FS: SI 2020 WHEELS & D2 SPRINGS

    Do you know what they weigh? And what specs? Are they 18x8 +50 like previous years?
  4. California FOR SALE: 2020 Civic Si Wheels (SoCal)

    What do these weigh? Are they the same 18x8 +50 like previous years?
  5. Which floormats did you purchase?

    Just vacuum and wipe mostly. But I've hosed it down before too
  6. Just another PART OUT

    Prl Cai left selling for $300 picked up
  7. Just another PART OUT

  8. 27Won Turbo and Road Trips

    It should run for days without issues. Cars have cooling systems in place. It's not like you'll be boosting peak psi for straight hours at a time.
  9. FS: SOCAL capless fuel cover

    What's your asking price?
  10. Just another PART OUT

  11. 1.5T No Power gains after PRL catless dp/fp?

    Your car/ecu don't know what physical mods you've done. You need a tune to take advantage of the mods like that.
  12. Just another PART OUT

    Yes it would, let me know if you'd like to meet up
  13. WTB Ktuner V1.2

    I have one, check out my list
  14. WTB PRL Cobra

    I have one available. Check out my list
  15. Just another PART OUT

    Ktuner v1.2 SOLD KTuner ethanol sensor kit SOLD PRL Cobra CAI, race MAF, non-si SOLD CNT Racing catless downpipe and front pipe SOLD Tanabe strut bar SOLD Went back to stock. I ran e40 for 35k miles no issues, pushed 275hp/340tq with this setup. Prices are for pick up, around 91775 Buyer can...
  16. Best projector setup?

    Not sure haha I thought it's a perspective thing. The farther it is the bigger it gets. That wall is maybe 200ft?
  17. Best projector setup?

    I have the morimoto mini H1 retroquik kit in mine, I'm pretty pleased.
  18. Best projector setup?

    I don't know for certain which projector is the best but what comes to mind is a Lexus projector probably from ls430, or maybe some s2k projectors.
  19. Best projector setup?

    A custom retrofit can't be beat assuming you use some nice big projectors, but otherwise I think the TRS mini H1 kit, a quick retrofit kit with little to no fabrication needed is the next best solution. And this is all assuming HIDs are used, they're better than the rest. My .02
  20. 1.5T Hasport 62A Rear Motor Mount Impressions

    Haha sorry, yeah you literally just have to push the engine back and it'll slide right in. And have the bolt on the engine side half way through the mount first.