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  1. Custom subwoofer box w/JL audio in 10th gen honda civic hatchback.

    Tall and deep version box for this nice jL10w6 sub.
  2. Cutting / opening up existing fake vents on front bumper?

    I went full metal mesh. Not a fun job but just like everyone here that tackles the steps..the outcome is worth it.

    Jl audio 10tw1.
  4. Subwoofer box for hatchback

    Sorry..not sure what happened with my reply being all over the place. So yea these are just to expensive to ship. The process in making these out of 3/4 birch wood is time consuming but better for my health in the long run.
  5. Subwoofer box for hatchback

    Yes but only locals. I can fit both 10 and 12inch. Shallow boxes can fit most 10 inch and some 12 in shallow subs. Deep box can fit most regular 12in subs.
  6. Subwoofer box for hatchback

    I make shallow versions which seem to be the more popular of the two...(shallow boxes and deep boxes)
  7. Subwoofer box for hatchback

    Just a lot of measuring the contours of the hatch to make fit. I would just hit 3 audio shops and get their quotes as to what they charge so u know what the norm is. Otherwise just take your time and start taking measurements. I use 3\4 birch wood..brad nails..glue etc.
  8. Subwoofer box for hatchback

    Sounds awesome. This box is actually best used for bigger subs. Did a shallow version for guy with his p3 rockford fosgate shallow 10 inch and it hit hard.
  9. 2020 front garnish purpose??

    Ive seen peeps cut luver type slotted hole on the front of the wheel well liner when they open up the fake foglight garnish holes for air to circulate behind wheel and cool off disk brakes.
  10. 2020 front garnish purpose??

    Oil coolers on the driver side benefit from opened up garnish as well as intake sence the hosing is coming from that side.
  11. Track racing at Willow spings this saturday.

    Hi all. Was woundering if any civics are going to show up this saturday the 15th at Willow springs international raceway (extremme speed)? Im looking for socal racers (im in san diego) that i can befriend and get pointers on racing future civic hatchback.
  12. Custom sedan subwoofer box/w 10 in

    Yea you really have to want your trunk space to put effort into building one or pay a good amount for it. Its faster and quicker doing it fiberglass but its messy and i value my health and surroundings more than a box. Wood is harder to build because of the contours but not as messy.
  13. Custom sedan subwoofer box/w 10 in

    Maybe 12 1/2 to be safe. Question..what does yours measure out to?
  14. Custom sedan subwoofer box/w 10 in

    No more than 12inch 3/4
  15. SCAM ALERT: Unsolicited messages/conversations asking you to email someone for parts!

    Yes i had a guy wanting to buy custom subwoofer box hor hatchback from me and the guy was from qatar.
  16. DIY rear bumper fake vent conversion

    Wow nice job. Came out good.
  17. Custom sedan subwoofer box/w 10 in

    So sedans with the side exhaust allow the spare tire well to be deeper because there is no center exhaust piping down the middle so the trunk is deeper and it allows for a taller box for it to clear the trunk hinge and allowing for a 12in sub. Sedans with center exhaust having the piping going...
  18. Custom sedan subwoofer box/w 10 in

    If you have center exhaust the max that would fit is 10 inch but if your car has side exhaust a 12 inch would fit good. 12inch would probably have to be a shallow type as the depth on the box is about 5inches.