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  1. Anyone running Type R Shifter assembly with Acuity Stage 2 shift kit?

    What is the part # for the 2020 CTR shifter assembly?
  2. OFFICIAL Phearable stage 1.5 vs TSP stage 1 comparison

    Do you have the tune with GOD MODE? If you do, it will pop on deceleration between 3500-5000 RPM with cruise main active
  3. 2020 Civic SI Clutch slip at 2500 miles

    6th gear pulls? Ever heard of lugging the engine? 6th gear is for cruising not going WOT, I never went past 2psi in 6th.
  4. My take on Competition Clutch Kit Stage 2

    You'll love it believe me! Mine is still going strong and I think this is the best clutch on the market for our cars.
  5. Blew The Turbo and Seized The Motor

    I don't believe that, I'm sure OP knows that it is his fault and not Firestone's. He just wants to put the blame on someone else and keep the 10K in his pockets. To add to it, the guy was never monitoring fuel trims, knock count etc.. He was doomed from the get-go. PS : Guys, if you do not...
  6. Blew The Turbo and Seized The Motor

    Why is it that everyone who blew their engine here thinks that the responsibility for the repairs should be on Honda or somebody else? I'm sorry but you're dumb to think this is the engine's fault and not your foot and your decision making. YOU blew the turbo/engine abusing the car every day and...
  7. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Survey (for all models)

    Update** Vehicle: 2018 Si Coupe Total tuned time: 1 year 2 months Total tuned mileage: 12500 miles Tuning device(s) used: KTuner v1.2 Tunes used: Phearable Stage 1.5 without God Mode Fuel used: Petro-Canada 94 Additional engine mods: PRL SRI Problems/issues: Clutch slippage, had to break...
  8. Testing Competition Clutch Stage 2 with 20 lb Single Mass Flywheel

    Exactly what @Jes_si562 said, stiffer at first but its gets softer after a few hundreds kilometres
  9. Testing Competition Clutch Stage 2 with 20 lb Single Mass Flywheel

    Im not getting any lockouts anymore! I love this clutch
  10. Clutch advice

    Agreed with TSP, I have the Competiton clutch kit Stage 2 and it is amazing! I also have a thread on it if you want to take a look
  11. My take on Competition Clutch Kit Stage 2

    clutch line might be worth it but I don't want to mess with the cdv
  12. My take on Competition Clutch Kit Stage 2

    Well now I'm really confused.. Did some pull at redline yesterday, shifted quickly and no lockouts whatsoever.. As I said, it might have been an isolated case. Keep you guys posted
  13. Clutch advice

    I have competition clutch stage 2, I think its the best clutch if you are looking to upgrade apart from the type r retro if you can find one. Only thing is you'll have to upgrade the CMC also, I would say stay away from Clutchmaster
  14. My take on Competition Clutch Kit Stage 2

    Yeah I was aware of that, sad thing is we only have 1 option for the CMC and its often out of stock, for the moment Im ok with driving like a grandma lol
  15. My take on Competition Clutch Kit Stage 2

    I dont think @Jes_si562 even tried to go WOT yet, of course at low RPM theres no lockout
  16. My take on Competition Clutch Kit Stage 2

    Well boys I am sad to say today that I got the lockout. Tried going wot in 3rd and shifted at 6k RPM, when I tried to shift in 4th it didnt let me. That was the first time I go WOT since the clutch install, this might be an isolated case but yeah.. Ill try doing the same thing on another day...
  17. My take on Competition Clutch Kit Stage 2

    Yep still on OEM CMC and clutch line, I don't see the point in upgrading at this point with CC clutch kit, I'll upgrade in the future if issues arise, but for now, everything is great!
  18. My take on Competition Clutch Kit Stage 2

    Little update for everyone. Clutch is still super great, Im nearing the end of the break in period, currently at 350-400miles on it. No chatter at all, clutch engages super smoothly, did a small pull in 3rd gear yesterday and clutch was not slipping at all and was grabbing like crazy, I could...
  19. What is the Fastest you have Ever "Theoretically heard" of an Si with a 1.5T going

    I personally went 134mph, that's with a PRL SRI and TSP Stage 1 tune, I was only in 5th and could have gone faster but no point in killing myself lol
  20. Bonjour Québec!

    perso je nai jamais utiliser garage16, sinon teknotik toutes mes commandes tout etait beau, faut juste demander avant de faire la commande si yont du stock ou pas, mais thanks pour les autres choix