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  1. Mishimoto Performance Primary Radiator

    Hi Nick. Two quick questions. Do both radiators you guys offer have the same fin design? How do you compare this big radiator to the Secondary Race version: does the race version still better for spirited driving/occasionally track or this one will better? Thanks!

    Time will tell, on the picture you only can see two protude bolts that might hold it in place orly any type of Haldex arrangement. Harder to tell.
  3. Best/Favorite color for Type R?

    Sonic Gray Boost Blue LE Yellow This 3 colors should be added to the list.

    Yes, who knows. Hopefully, if any it could be for the Type R. It would be interesting what Honda can do with the Si..

    Mmm. It looks to me a very bulky rear end & with those wider tires what's that: 255s? wheel is the FK2 one. This might be an AWD mule. Purist will be mad ;), but you can’t get more modular than that.. What I would like to see in the next CTR is not AWD, but a nice sequential gearbox. I would...
  6. Has anyone been to the dealer for service during the pandemic?

    I went the other day for an oil change and wiper blades, I will come back soon. After that, I let the car sit for a week without anyone sit inside. Now I have a valid reason to have it for me only ;)
  7. Dream time: Would the Type R be faster with an automatic?

    Would it be faster with a sequential auto tranny option? for sure! While other car makers shifted to auto trannies, Honda remained faithfully to the 3 pedal concept “ A delicacy nowadays”, the question is, if the market will force them to offer that auto option on the car..? If so: it would...
  8. JDM FK8 oil weight

    A year or so ago, I asked about different types of oils for this car and if it was any performance gain, I inquired to an oil field scientist & fellow Honda car owner & this was the answer: ” It really depends, but overall I'd have to say no for your car.I don't think you'll see any gains in...
  9. Will stock OEM exhaust for FK8 type r fit inside back seat and trunk of FK8?

    No more pics were taken, but it was just like willowcairns posted. Completely doable.
  10. Will stock OEM exhaust for FK8 type r fit inside back seat and trunk of FK8?

    I did bring it back home in one piece - no cutting anything, I just had to protect the side mirror and the interior side of the door. And yes, the hatch was closed .
  11. Magic Collar Subframe Collars

    This is a good item, when it comes to do a suspension refresh :thumbsup:. Eliminates some of the flex the car will show in the future. Bet. the two brands, I don’t know, for sure high brands tend to be more expensive.
  12. Bridgestone Potenza S007A

    This is a happy medium for that:
  13. Bridgestone Potenza S007A

    Feedback: I had them on my Type R last year, great tire for spirited driving, not too loud, neither harsh, track ready, road trip & fall (here in Chicago). When I got them, Tire Rack didn’t specify the weight, so they ended up giving me a $50 discount. The tread lasts longer than the RE71Rs or...
  14. Any 2020 Civic Type R arrived at dealerships?

    Did the Swindon factory already open? or the continued with the closing due the virus? they said last time, opening was set for this past Monday.
  15. Modded CTR Driveability?

    No man, you misread my feedback. ** While the stock wheel set is not everyone’s favorite, on stock form, the car is comfortable, while capable. Let’s let that die alone. I do use another set of wheels (RPF1 stupid light) with a different tire compound, depending which season we are on, BUT I...
  16. Modded CTR Driveability?

    Hi there. My feedback: My (Daily) CTR is a 370+ WHP, on a custom tune with Hondata. I have stock suspension (mostly power mods), so no issues with height, added weight or traction issues, anywhere I go: road trips such as FL to IL (round-trip), to work, to cruises, etc. You can go with...
  17. Wait for 2021 CTR?

    Sad but true, this for us might be it.