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  1. Do y'all like underglow? ;)

    Ya know, even after almost thirty years (first time I saw it was in '92), I still like it. Since my car is still stock, it doesn't have enough panache to make underglow look right.
  2. Loud CVT whine when using paddle shifters in S mode ('19 Sport Hatchback)

    Thanks for the thread, and also for that thread's OP, @Adil , finding the Subaru CVT info: I noticed it myself the other day and started to worry. Never hear it in normal modes, just while in paddle-shift "S" mode, and then only...
  3. 2020.0 Garmin Navigation Map Update Available

    Maybe reboot the head unit? And/or reformat-reinitialize the USB sticks? I'm kinda throwing pasta on the wall here at this point...
  4. 2020.0 Garmin Navigation Map Update Available

    That's exactly the error that I was getting, and I don't know why the HU's memory is so small, either. All that I did to get past it was switch from using my 128GB stick to a fresh 16GB stick. I didn't find any other workarounds.
  5. 2020.0 Garmin Navigation Map Update Available

    That's as reasonable of an answer as you'll get anywhere. Checked a downloaded service manual myself and it says that the SD card isn't removable. So you're on your own.
  6. 2020.0 Garmin Navigation Map Update Available

    Doesn't it tell you in the manual? What are you hoping to do? But if you're dismantling the head unit in a way that's not described by the manual, then you're kinda on your own.
  7. Display Homescreen + Wallpaper Thread

    I don't remember being able to adjust or crop images when importing them into the clock backgrounds. Did it earlier this week, too. Maybe the UI got updated in the newer cars.
  8. Does Modding your car raise or lower the value?

    My point is, even if you only do a handful of boltons, you're stuck with either trying to sell a modded car, or if you revert back to stock, you'll have a garage corner full of stuff that you'll never use again and need to either sell separately or throw into the dump. So can you get lucky and...
  9. Display Homescreen + Wallpaper Thread

    * with the caveat that I don't think you can adjust the dimensions for the clock background. Which is stupid, IMO; it's like the teams that wrote the background chooser and clock app weren't on the same page when it came to the UI.
  10. Does Modding your car raise or lower the value?

    Yup ^^^^^ The extra points against the modded car come from not knowing if it's been dogged on for its entire life. I know, yeah, a fully stock car isn't a guarantee that it was babied (we all know people who mistreat their cars purely out of neglect and not hard driving); and an enthusiast...
  11. Does Modding your car raise or lower the value?

    That'll be a hassle. I got lucky and sold my EP3 to a guy who's another gearhead and gladly took all the stock parts. Otherwise I would've been left either spending days putting the car back to stock or trying to sell OEM parts for pennies on the pound. I wouldn't mod my car again unless I...
  12. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Not me, but I'm not sure how well they would work. Those parts on the wheels are machined, right? I don't think they'd be smooth enough to let the vinyl stick properly.
  13. CVT or Manual, Change my mind

    Since this thread got bumped, I'm quoting my post from two years ago to say that my view of the CVT hasn't changed. I still think it's a great option for daily driving, better than a manual or a traditional automatic. I also still think it's one of the last incremental improvements that might...
  14. 2020.0 Garmin Navigation Map Update Available

    Ok, @syolsal I got it done with a different stick:
  15. 2020.0 Garmin Navigation Map Update Available

    Wow, I forgot if I even completed it. I'll try to post back if I remember to do anything later.
  16. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    And for @alejandroads123 -- is this basically a wiring change? Does it change anything with automatic headlights? I'd like to make my car more visible in my suburban area. I've noticed that fewer people pull into the road close to me if I have my headlights + foglights on, but I don't think I...
  17. Display Homescreen + Wallpaper Thread

    That looks nice. I'll put it in my stash. I think there's only a couple of us copy-pasting watches to use as clock faces. 🤣 I really like the Python script that was posted earlier, too, which helps me keep track of where the OEM clock's pips are.
  18. College Hills Honda Horn Upgrade

    +100 for this ^^^^ Fuses are never the problem, they just help keep your car from catching on fire because of another problem.
  19. Am I the only one that actually likes the orange OEM side marker?

    I'm fine with mine being orange. Adds a spot of color, and I can trust that it'll reflect other drivers' headlights so that they (hopefully) will see that it's obviously a car and won't (hopefully) run into it. Same with keeping the rear reflectors red.
  20. How many Civics have you owned?

    Four. '86 DX hatchback, '86 Si hatchback, '02 Si hatchback, '17 Sport Touring hatchback. Someday I may get a sedan. ...naaaaahhhhh