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  1. 1.5T Guide to DIY Flex Fuel Kit for Hondata or KTuner

    I mean all a flex fuel kit is is an ethanol sensor, signal converter, some wiring, and a tune.
  2. Civic Si Lowering Springs Master Guide

    Softer shocks and lower strength springs provide better comfort. Typically coilover swap would be stiffer shocks and springs so not as comfortable driving. Lowering springs are just a cheaper option to coilovers for slightly better handling and lowered look. Also the stock shocks are already...
  3. Catch Can?

    Haven't seen this... is it under the previously posted thread? I didn't see it and don't see how having one would increase gunk
  4. Catch Can?

    I say it's good to have on any car. Earth Dreams did do a good job with preventing oil going in the intake with their super ventilation future something something system, as oil builds very slowly in the catch can. But some oil is still oil, and I'd prefer cleaner air and less possibility for...
  5. Muffler delete kit?

    Oh for sure. And their welding skills were definitive certified crap. About the worst MIG welds I've ever seen, the only reason I asked them to do it is because I don't have ready access to a lift or MIG equipment, but I know I could've done a better job myself. Either way tossed that thing out...
  6. Muffler delete kit?

    Some shop I went to said they couldn't do it because the pipe flattened slightly before the mufflers and they could only do round pipes. The shops name literally had mufflers and brakes in it and they couldn't do a muffler delete? Honestly I thought it was a bit comical, they did a resonator...
  7. What is the Fastest you have Ever "Theoretically heard" of an Si with a 1.5T going

    147 is the most here, but any higher you will need a lot of room
  8. What type of oil does everyone use?

    Hmm, guess I have some more research to do. I will say I've started noticing injector issues (35k miles) and I only use Shell premium 93 octane. So I don't really trust additives all that much.
  9. What type of oil does everyone use?

    Theoretically the engine is fine with 87 octane and was made to accommodate for it, but low octane can cause pre-ignition and fuel components (key word shitty fuel injectors) to clog over long periods of time. I'd be interested to hear what they say/said to those points
  10. What type of oil does everyone use?

    I mean 87 octane can do it too. Do you not have access to 91 or 93?
  11. Cutting / opening up existing fake vents on front bumper?

    I'm sorry, $320 for two pieces of plastic? Am I reading that right? It's almost cheaper to buy an entire new front Type R bumper. It is cheaper if you go for any color besides white.
  12. SiriMoto or PRL Flexfuel

    DIY is cheaper 👍 (~$250), not sure if Hondata supports the KTuner converter though. Output signal goes to ECT2 on all flex fuel setups so I'm pretty sure it'd be fine This thread explains the whole process:
  13. What type of oil does everyone use?

    Summer months I go 5W-30, winter months debating 10W-30 or just 5W-30, all fully synthetic. Amsoil SS is best, but it's expensive. Pennzoil Ultra is next best along with one other I can't remember. Higher weight is better protection, that's what I've learned from the shop I worked at. Unless the...
  14. Civic Si Borla

    Ah okay there is one. Been awhile since I've looked under there lol. Looks good man! Thanks for the input, that description very much matches what I hear on mine.
  15. Anyone paid a shop to install a chrome delete kit?

    Update: the pre-cut vinyl arrived. Ordered it from eBay so wasn't expecting much. The vinyl actually handles air bubbles pretty well, but it definitely is not good quality. Hard to work with, hardly sticks around edges (most frustrating part), and doesn't curl and wrap like good vinyl does. It...
  16. Will this car challenge the Civic Si?

    Dear lord what have they created. Handling and power might be nice and interior looks good, but the exterior makes me want to vomit.
  17. Civic Si Borla

    The exhaust is catback, and I don't believe there's a resonator iirc. Just a muffler.
  18. flex fuel failure

    It sounds like you've been wasting a ton of money on new parts without actually looking for the issue. Could be bad ground or bad wiring issue. Did you make your own kit or buy it premade? If DIY how did you wire it up?
  19. Flex fuel or turbo upgrade?

    New cars might handle it better. The cars I worked on with E85 were older, 944 turbos and the like. So up to your discretion. I prefer to err on the side of caution, with a turbo at least you don't have to worry about the possibility of any fuel components degrading.
  20. 1.5T Guide to DIY Flex Fuel Kit for Hondata or KTuner

    Good to know, I'll have to fix that after I take it off before I sell it.