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  1. Did I break her?

    True. Before I purchased my own membership, I used my father's Costco membership to buy tires for my car. They needed a rotation so I called them in advance of my visit to be safe that I could take it in without my father's presence. Tech on the phone said yes but of course I show up and (must...
  2. Did I break her?

    For sheer value and convenience, Costco batteries. Service technician told me to take it in to exchange it for a new one a month before the warranty expires even if it's good. Very very hard to beat that.
  3. Did I break her?

    I still think it's your battery though possible the battery drained while you switched the bulbs. A healthy battery should not drain overnight if you accidentally left an interior light on. I'd check your battery with at least one more place, like AutoZone or the like. But if it tests normally...
  4. Did I break her?

    I think you may be living on borrowed battery time. It's most likely going to die on you again, sooner than later. My biggest concern is how much harder will the alternator work to keep it charged. I recommend you get it evaluated.
  5. Did I break her?

    I would check your battery. My '13 Civic also did something similar to what you just described. It turned out to be the car battery.
  6. Still buying an Si but...

    I agree 100%. Even $2k seems excessive. It's a 2002. That car is old. Only way it costs $8k is if it has a ton of $$$ upgrades.
  7. The Race I have been waiting for. Si vs Elantra ST

    Si driver probably would have won by two car lengths if it wasn't for all the drag those fins create. :D
  8. Better than stock

    I tint my cars because 9/10ths UV protection and 1/10th looks. I usually choose a lighter tint too to avoid catching the 5 oh's attention.
  9. Why does the stock 2017/2018 Si seem to underperform on the 0-60 & quarter mile relative to specs?

    First all, congrats on your decision. We know the Si was giving you a bunch of bad vibes after the two incidents. Sometimes its best to start anew. Second, thanks for your contributions, they were very helpful for many of us. I believe you're making the right decision. The Accord is the superior...
  10. Where is everyone from?

    The hood. So don't f#$& with me. :D
  11. WTH Honda!?

    They have the Si for $21,990. So the difference is at least $5,500.
  12. Considering trading for an Accord Sport 2.0T 10AT

    I vote you trade it in for another Si. IMO, the Accord is a better looking car but less distinctive. That's what I love about the 10th gen Civic. Nothing out there really looks like it. Save money, get better MPG's, own a better driver's car. Yes, it's less refined, but refined is code for...
  13. 10th gen CIVIC SI - What did you pay?

    Nice. What dealer?
  14. Considering trading for an Accord Sport 2.0T 10AT

    Nah buddy, you're mistaking what happened to his car. It was vandalized in a road rage incident.

    Well sales are still down from last year even if it's the preferred choice of individual driver's.
  16. Another new 1/4 mile record

    Would be ironic wouldn't it. Yeah, family Easter event? Those tend to be slow developing. Count me as one of the people that's not shy to be the first in line to fill my plate. I don't like feeling hungry, makes me hangry.
  17. Another new 1/4 mile record

    Nice run!! Look at that trap speed! Can't wait to see the mod list. Perhaps with Vit's turbo upgrade before he stopped offering them??
  18. I give up!

    They're not any easier to remove. It'll take the same effort, straight scratches, curved scratches, same difference. Yeah, car wash spot free rinses are almost always a joke. Have you considered hiring a professional?
  19. I give up!

    If the only steps you're using are the one's you posted, then you're not actually removing the micro-scratches, a.k.a. swirls. Any time you touch your paint in a swiping motion, you will induce swirls, no matter the color. The two bucket method and microfiber towels helps reduce the amount of...

    I have mixed feelings about the Accord. I think it's a good looking car, better looking than the Civic but not as unique looking. The Civic on the other hand, is a weird looking car, bordering on ugly yet absolutely distinctive. That is what I really like about the Civic. It helps that it has a...