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  1. Rear Sway bar for Hatchback Sport

    I have been very happy with my RV6 bar and Accord end-link combo. The bar has adjustability in it and hardly makes any noise. Been running it for about 5mo, 9000 miles and tons of autocross duty!
  2. Civic Si in GS

    I've had this too. Even when the brakes were not hot! Both on my '18 Si and my '20 Sport Hatch... I have no clue what it is. It sounds horrible but nothing is broken or anything. Eventually it goes away on a run, but is certainly alarming when it happens at the wrong time.
  3. Civic Si in GS

    For sure 255/35-18's when using an 8.5in wheel. No doubt. Especially seeing the section/tread with differences TireRack has for that specific tire in both sizes... FYI - that wheel width is not street-class legal for us running SCCA events down in the US... But if you are running a different...
  4. Civic Si in GS

    TYFYI. GFY. :)
  5. Civic Si in GS

    The only way I would likely try Yoks again (on an Si at least) would be in a 245/40-18... The 255/40-17 was so ridiculously wide for an 8in wheel. Especially with soft sidewalls.... Going to the 245/40-18 would eliminate some of the sidewall and perhaps be a more proper fit for an 8in wide...
  6. Civic Si in GS

    RS-4’s are a good tire if you want more durability and something good for track days. But they will be about a second slower around a 60sec autocross course compared to an elite autocross tire like the RE71R, Rival S 1.5 or A052.
  7. Civic Si in GS

    Nothing wrong at all. Any decently sticky tire will pick up rubber and tar like that.
  8. Civic Si in GS

    Yes, thats what we call "OPR" (other peoples rubber). Its sometimes rubber, sometimes seam sealer. Usually its best to just put them on the front and do some launches and/or hard circles. Some people will use an oscillating multi-tool with a blade to remove it as well. At Nationals they have...
  9. Wisconsin FS: Acuity ESCO (White!) & Acuity POCO (Black) Shift Knobs...

    White one sold. Still have the black POCO.
  10. Wisconsin FS: Acuity ESCO (White!) & Acuity POCO (Black) Shift Knobs...

    Selling two Acuity shift knobs.... First is (from what I have gathered) is a fairly rare White ESCO knob... I used this for about 2 months or so. No wear or any imperfections at all. Does not come with the original box, but does come with everything else that was included in the package...
  11. Black Lug Nuts for OEM wheels

    I've used these a lot over the past several years (on different Honda's): I zip my lugs on/off a lot as I do autocross. Never had a problem with them seizing up, breaking studs or anything.
  12. Wisconsin Enkei RPF1. 17x8 +45 5x114.3. Silver.

    Sorry!, forgot to mark these as sold.
  13. Civic Si in GS

    Although I don't have a 2020 Si, the same "e-brake dance" procedure worked for my 2020 Sport Hatchback.... That procedure has worked on all of the 2018+ model year Honda's I have had (Fit, Si, Accord, Sport Hatch).
  14. Wisconsin FS: MAP "Race" exhaust for Si sedan

    I've sold my Si sedan, so time to sell of some of the parts... Bought this as part of the CivicX group buy back when MAP released these systems. Race rear-section which means no muffler at all (just the single resonator). Lightweight system for sure... Stainless tips.... I used this for about...
  15. Hatchback Sport Stock Cat-Back Exhaust Weight?

    If you want a light exhaust - just do a muffler delete on an OEM system. The OEM "one-piece" and "small diameter" piping are very lightweight.... Any aftermarket exhaust is going to increase the piping diameter (which adds weight) and use flanges/vbands/slip joints (also adds weight). Obviously...
  16. Reliable Torque Wrench

    I have nothing but great things to say about this one: I've had it for several years...
  17. Civic Sport Hatch Autox in HS?

    Van - I’ve got that bar on my car. Since I drive the car daily, I opted for it over my Karcepts bar... Only today’s event in so far, but no complaints. It’s a little clunky at times when using the Accord endlinks, bnot no where near as bad as Karcepts. Ultimately I think it’s a good happy...
  18. Best online site for Accord Sway Bar End Links?

    Honda Part No.: 52320-TLB-A00 . Quantity: 2. I got mine from a local dealer (was getting other stuff as well). But a lot of people seem to use
  19. Wisconsin Enkei RPF1. 17x8 +45 5x114.3. Silver.

    No. It only pushes the wheel out 5mm compared to OEM specs on Si's and Sport Hatches (or any car that comes with 18x8 +50mm stock).
  20. HB folks. Did the tint place charge you more for the rear hatch?

    I was charged $395 for Llumar Pinnacle (ceramic). 4 side windows and rear hatch. They did not charge extra for the odd rear hatch. I even spoke to the shop manager when I dropped the car off. They said that its in their plotter and not an issue at all. They did not have to take anything apart.