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  1. Lurker_J's Burrows ('18 Si Sedan)

    The rear camber kit is necessary as you will get a lot of negative camber and car squat as the springs settle. Right now I'm not using a front camber kit and it is fine. It's really just the rears.
  2. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Survey (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2018 Civic Si sedan Total tuned time: 16 months Total tuned mileage: 19,000 miles Tuning device(s) used: Hondata Flashpro Race Tunes used: Hondata +6, +9 non-CARB both Fuel used: Various brads, 93 alwats Additional engine mods: PRL CAI/FP/catted-DP, Lava turbo blanket...
  3. WTB OEM Si Sedan exhaust catback

    i looked it up, thats an 11.5 hour drive one way lol.
  4. WTB OEM Si Sedan exhaust catback

    Anyone have a stock catback from a sedan Si near KY for sale or donation?
  5. Lurker_J's Burrows ('18 Si Sedan)

    I'm over it for right now. If I am going to do something else to the front, I want to mold it to the bumper so it would be stronger overall. I notice a lot less drag without a lip on now too, so I'm enjoying just being able to drive my car without having to worry about the front bumper being...
  6. Aggressive Wheel Fitment Thread

    I think the 245 would be a good compromise. You are going to see some stretch still with the 9.5 width, but it is that stretch that helps fit the fender shape. Here is an example of what it would look like (pic taken from Fitment Industries): The difference is he is running the D2 springs vs...
  7. Aggressive Wheel Fitment Thread

    255/35 on a 9.5 width wheel will have rub intermittently on hard dips and bumps at with people in the car on D2 springs. If it is just you most of the time, it will be rare on those dips. 255/35 is approx 5 mm shorter of a tire compared to the 235/40s that are stock, but the 255 width is going...
  8. Best Carbon Fiber Vinyl wrap?

    I would just say follow the directions on the product. I don't want to tell the wrong thing. But alcohol will dissolve it, so make sure if you clean with that, that it is all evaporated or wiped off.
  9. Best Carbon Fiber Vinyl wrap?

    Not a "must," but definitely useful. I alcohol cleaned, then adhesion primered mine. If you are putting it on side skirts or anything low to the ground, I would use it since the vinyl is going to have more exposure to the elements and road debris.
  10. Lurker_J's Burrows ('18 Si Sedan)

    After smashing my side skirts, I decided to not go with the side skirt extensions again, but rather get the HFP ones. As much as I liked the Type R look and the lowered look of the car, I like how the HFP side skirts flow better. I also had to take off the CTR front lip as road debris tore it up...
  11. Best Carbon Fiber Vinyl wrap?

    Yeah, just make sure you get it on there tight with no bubbles or open edges.
  12. (HELP) Choose Wheel for Sport Hatchback(white color)?

    no problem, glad to share knowledge when i can.
  13. (HELP) Choose Wheel for Sport Hatchback(white color)?

    9.5 width tire gives you a whole extra inch to add tire onto if you want to, therefore you can use wider tires in the future if you so choose (more grip if you want it). The 8.5 width won't be able to use the same larger widths of tires as effectively. The 9.5 width also adds more weight than an...
  14. (HELP) Choose Wheel for Sport Hatchback(white color)?

    Depending on what wheel you want and is available sizing wise, I'd stay 18 in just to keep the speedometer accurate and either 9.5 in wide with +40 to +45 offset, or 9 in wide with the +30 to +35 offset. Check out @MavicTB's car, he has a good example of pretty flush set up with the 9.5 wide...
  15. (HELP) Choose Wheel for Sport Hatchback(white color)?

    Hey thanks! A lot of those people, myself included, are lowered, some by a significant amount. Because the 9.5 width of the rim with a +35 to +40 offset will put the tire right under the lowest part of the fender, they might run the 225s to prevent rub or just want the style of a really thin...
  16. (HELP) Choose Wheel for Sport Hatchback(white color)?

    I shopped around different places comparing prices and shipping costs. I ended up getting my wheels from since they were selling the wheels at 170.99 a piece for a total of 683.96, with free shipping. I transferred my OEM tires from the old wheels since I only had a couple...
  17. (HELP) Choose Wheel for Sport Hatchback(white color)?

    The suspension measurements are the same between the Si sedan and Hatchbacks when it comes to wheel fitment. The 8.5 in wide would definitely pull it back into the fender well, very similar to how the stock 8 in wheel sits. Even a 9 in wheel with the +35 would make the wheel flush with the...
  18. (HELP) Choose Wheel for Sport Hatchback(white color)?

    Yeah, absolutely. The only issue is the +35 offset on a 9.5 in wide rim gives mild poke from the fender well with our Civics. So on stock suspension and ride height, you may end up with a bit of Tonka Truck vibe.
  19. Sedan Rear Window Louvers $60

    dang @mrturtle8088, I wish you got to me 2 days sooner. I figured no one would want it and I am in the process of moving, so it got recycled. Sorry man. Appreciate the offer though.
  20. Performance Exhaust louder than you expected? ***UPDATE***

    Prior to welding in the glasspack, was it just a straight solid pipe at that location? I have a modified exhaust and it has a muffler where the resonator was, so I am wondering if swapping out the glasspack will change much from a muffler in that position.