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  1. OZ Ultraleggera HLT 19" - will they fit?

    The bore is listed in one of the OP's first messages ...
  2. What's your SI looking like today?

    Yeah, I've looked into Katzkin ... the only reason that I didn't pull the trigger on it, was the fact that the ONLY authorized installer was a mobile unit ... and I wasn't too thrilled with the prospect of my interior being torn apart in the parking lot at work.
  3. What's your SI looking like today?

    where'd you source the leather seats?
  4. 245/45 R17 Anyone?

    Keep in mind that an Odyssey has a LOT more sound deadening material than a Civic. Also keep in mind that you bought the cheapest tires Tire Rack had. That doesn't always equal lots of noise, but it's NEVER going to equal smooth and quiet, with great traction. For the most part ... you get...
  5. Si coupe catback exhaust on hatchback sport ?

    Highly doubtful ... it seems that Honda chose to route the exhaust differently on EACH model ... I've not seen any that could be swapped, without MAJOR modification.
  6. Civic vs red light runner on a bicycle (everyone is ok!)

    gotcha ... I missed some of that info, when I skimmed the initial post. I should have read it more completely.
  7. Charger cord, bad usb device

    Try as I might ... those darn Apple cables won't work with my Samsung ... (just trying to be funny ... no insults or hurt feelings intended)
  8. Civic vs red light runner on a bicycle (everyone is ok!)

    As a cyclist, I'll throw this idea out there ... perhaps they were trying to get outta the way of traffic. (that said ... I gotta agree that the cyclist was probably trying to avoid any "face time" with law enforcement ... and didn't want to be given any type of citation that assigned fault to...
  9. 2017 Honda Civic Coupe wheel and Tire Fitment

    Yep ... fits without any issues
  10. Dynamic balancing beads

    Here ya go ...
  11. Dynamic balancing beads

    One thing to keep in mind, is that the wheels have a device attached to the wheel, that helps reduce road noise ... and these beads may interfere with how well it works.
  12. Dynamic balancing beads

    Our wheels don't have TPMS sensors ... the TPMS operates on an algorithm that compares the rotational speed of each wheel ... and if it senses what it considers an significant difference, it will alert you that there is a tire going flat. Quite the nifty tech, in my opinion.
  13. Help Fellow SI’ers!

    Everything I have read would indicate that your FIRST action would be to remove the Ingen Intake. After that ... Hondata and other bolt ons will provide you with tons of smiles.
  14. Can Wheel Spacers cause problems?

    The 20mm/25mm spacers are quite common ... really no different that running 30mm/25mm offset wheels. Sure, there can be a bit more wheel bearing stress (think leverage). I haven't heard of anyone attributing any wheel bearing failure to spacers ... but I haven't researched that either.
  15. Blew The Turbo and Seized The Motor

    So, you admit to driving "like a maniac", "pretty much" "always" using K-Tuner Map 3 on a motor with 74,000 miles ... and you've "lost faith in this L15b" engine ... Since you've asked for what we all think about this ... I, for one, think you're an idiot. Don't try to put this off on someone...
  16. Washington Selling Civic Type R OEM Tires/Wheels

    NOPE! Si bolt pattern is 5x114.3 Type R bolt pattern is 5x120
  17. What's your SI looking like today?

    I'm glad it's a Stick ... I'd be worried if a Si wasn't stick! (I hope you're laughing ... because I'm not trying to insult or make fun of you ... just having some fun with a typo)
  18. Repair or Replace windshield? Need some advice..

    I'm not sure who your insurance is provided by, but if you read the link (below), it should help you understand how it is supposed to work, in Florida...