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  1. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    If you don’t have wd40, (at least the rubber mounts) can be removed with glass cleaner as the lubricant. Installed exhaust today. Fitment was 100%. Everything was super easy too notch. Hardest part was as usual the 3 bolts/nuts up front for the front pipe. But if you get enough leverage and...
  2. Please read! Verified A/C issue with 1.5L

    If you have only 50 miles driven, take it back. Used cars or new cars might have a few days or a week no questions asked return. That’s really low miles but mine failed at about 21k miles (14months of ownership).
  3. How does one clean sway bar bushing grease off tools lol

    You can use the orange pumice hand cleaners or baking soda and water. You can also use degreaser like simple green.
  4. 2018-2019 Fuel Pump Motor Recall

    For people in NJ, freehold Honda did mine. No issues after nearly a month and 2k+ miles.
  5. Civic Coupe Sport side sills

    71800-TBG-A01ZB It’s prepainted but it’s also nearly $400 each side. You are better off getting the HFP for $400 both sides.
  6. 2016 Civic LKAS, ACC , AEB disabled after LKAS recalibration

    This is not a fun exercise and needs to be done by professionals. My car got stuck at a body shop for over 2 weeks cause they couldn’t get the Honda sensing properly. Go to your Honda dealer.
  7. Definitive answer on voiding factory warranty?

    Only people who blow their engines are abusing the car and driving like a morons. I have been tuned on 2 different civics and 2 different engines 1.5t and the 2.0na for a combined 30k+ miles. No issues. If this voiding warranty thing is always going to be in the back of your mind. Modding...
  8. Hondata FlashPro CARB and running SRI

    The cold air intake is well documented to cause that issue. The short ram is not documented as having this same issue necessarily. I wouldn’t get another injen product but every single time their name comes up, it’s being bashed. And probably rightly so...but it’s not necessarily warranted...
  9. Ktuner for CVT - Noob questions

    Get the tuner first before all other mods.
  10. iOS 14.0 CarPlay Problems

    Drove over 200 miles this week and carplay works absolutely fine. iOS was updated earlier in the week. Used google maps, and listened to both music and podcasts. Try to forget your device or disconnect via Bluetooth and then reconnect. Reset your phone also.
  11. Wheel suggestions?

    18s give you the best in terms of price, variety and selection. Both in terms of wheels and tires.
  12. Door speakers

    Get it at crutchfield, one stop shop. They know what fits, huge variety, and best of all. They include free wiring adapter and brackets along with Car specific color instructions.
  13. 2019 Civic Sport Coupe/Sedan mods?

    Update on the lip. I saw that The screws rusted to hell when changing my oil and I removed them and replaced them with better ones. The lip has held up amazingly well. I have scrapped a few times and it looks fine. I would definitely rebuy the lip but I would also definitely get better screws...
  14. Hello CivicX! We're Common Fibers, Your Carbon Fiber Experts!

    Please make this. Small part, can’t be hard. The manual one exists already. CVT model is needed.
  15. Hondata on 2017 Si Coupe HELP!!!

    Ktuner and hondata is not locked to a laptop. As I got a new laptop over Xmas in 2019 and have since reflashed both of my civics with each device on the new laptop. No issues. It’s linked to your user id and the actual flashing unit/car ecu.
  16. AC Recall Letter

    1000 miles isn’t a small amount. Odds are that if it doesn’t work for that long, then something is going bad or already have gone bad. No two ways around it. Go get it looked it if you want it to work. Hope you are under warranty.
  17. Hatchback EX Center-mounted Exhaust lowered my MPG

    If you’ve driven a few hundred miles and 2/3 weeks. That’s not enough to make a determination on exact cause/effect. If it has been thousands of miles and few months. Then, yeah, the exhaust might have caused something.
  18. Hatchback EX Center-mounted Exhaust lowered my MPG

    How long have you driven it? Mileage and time wise. Mpg is a very fickle thing dependent on a wide ranging variety of variables.