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  1. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    The torque there is in N M. The highest reached on those plots converts to about 254 lb/ft
  2. KTuner initial Custom Tune on Hybrid Turbo

    My guess would be availability and cost in their current locale
  3. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I like the Griot's Garage detailer
  4. Blew The Turbo and Seized The Motor

    I would think you could let loose even as hot as 32. Especially with the upgraded intercooler, dp/fp combo, and the Cobra intake. People racing run at higher operating temps than you'll reach cruising around or even with some spirited driving
  5. Should i lower my vehicle or not?

    Their tires aren't as wide or tall and have stretch
  6. Should i lower my vehicle or not?

    Slight rubbing going over big dips, but besides that I'm good
  7. Should i lower my vehicle or not?

    Only front fender tabs
  8. Should i lower my vehicle or not? Fender tab mod How I'm sitting
  9. Should i lower my vehicle or not?

    I'm running 245/40 on 18x9.5 +35 lowered on Eibach prokit. I had to do fender tab mod. More sidewall will definitely rub
  10. Blew The Turbo and Seized The Motor

    TSP for si map 2 is 19/21, map 3 is 19/24.5 Do the boost targets change with eco or S in the non si models?
  11. Blew The Turbo and Seized The Motor

    Map 3 only 4 lyfe TSP stage 1 for si maps 2 and 3 have the same boost targets when not in sport mode
  12. FK7 Si build, cont.

    Glad to see you around again! Looking forward to seeing more!!
  13. Civic Si vs Cadillac CTS VSport

    What about s4 or a 4 series?
  14. Should I get the PRL cobra CAI first or the ktuner ?

    TSP stage 1 or Phearable 1.5 are both popular aftermarket OTS tunes, but plenty of people are fine with the starter tunes supplied by the device makers (Ktuner, Hondata) TSP stage 2 is for ethanol blending
  15. Startup really sickly

    Mine didn't even last 2 years in South Carolina heat. I have an AGM battery now
  16. Startup really sickly

    Have you installed any aftermarket electronics that could be shorting? Are your battery terminals tight?
  17. 86salmon Lunar Silver Si

    Trims are dialed in. 25lbs of boost on tap in 3rd and 4th. I'm loving it so far Getting a race MAF and maybe TIP so that oughta open it up some more
  18. 86salmon Lunar Silver Si

    I do occasional 60 pulls on the highway and on ramp pulls. Nothing as hard as tracking I'm going to be checking my oil levels after this oil change after what happened to @awsomsauce I'm happy with it though. I'm just waiting for the stock clutch to tap out 😅
  19. 86salmon Lunar Silver Si

    About 2k miles so far. Yes. First custom by a local shop, then by Drob
  20. 86salmon Lunar Silver Si

    I've been on 0w-20 so far. I'm getting an oil change in the next couple weeks and going with 0w-30. No issues yet 🤞