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  1. Green Coupe Looks Amazing on the Road

    Pics or didnt happen :D
  2. Video Eyecandy: 2016 Civic Hatchback Prototype

    Yea it does, but I also think it looks pretty sweet when standing still :D Love how the tail light forms a spoiler shape when viewed from the side. Breaks up the hatch area up nicely and gives it a real sporty look.
  3. Official: Civic Hatchback Prototype Unveiled!

    I like this article title :D Honda's Civic Hatchback might scare your grandparents — and that's a good thing
  4. Enhanced look at 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Prototype

    The area from the B pillar back is too long and not sporty enough looking. Look at the spy pics of the Type R 5-door hatchback. You can tell that the door cutline sweeps back to above the rear wheel fender, so it looks much sportier and reduces the visual size of the rear quarter panel, which...
  5. I WANT THE TYPE R BACK! What can I do to make this happen?

    ??? The 10th gen Type R will be introduced in the US by sometime next year...
  6. Official launch photos/videos of 2016 Civic Coupe

    Makes sense. In general, sedans are more aerodynamic than coupes. The coupe in Aegean Blue is stunning!
  7. [Help] How do you guys feel about Matte Black Wheels on a Modern Steel Civic?

    Black wheels look awesome on gray cars IMO. Even better if all the chrome trim and grille is blacked out to match.
  8. My New Toy!

    Damn I'd love to have an Integra as a project car! Integra Type R was my adolescent dream car. Congrats and keep us updated on what you do to it!
  9. Honda Civic Hatchback prototype to debut at Geneva!

    Right. Only hatchback in Europe. No coupe or sedan.
  10. Honda Civic Hatchback prototype to debut at Geneva!

    This prototype looks so aggressive even in the dark like that. Hope it keeps the center exhaust, roof spoiler, and some of that fancy bodywork. Please don't hide the exhaust!
  11. Rumors swirl.... 2016 Civic Si 2.0T with about 230hp.

    Physics basically preclude a turbo 4 cylinder making sounds as good as those cars. The Jaguar F Type is supercharged (which sound better than turbos) and the LF-A is a naturally aspirated V10. You can still get a gurgle sound with a turbo 4 though, and they can sound decent.
  12. Scion is officially dead!

    Wow big news. Sounds like 3 Scion models will live on as a Toyota. This is actually better for the FR-S since it'll be taken more seriously with a Toyota badge than as a Scion.
  13. Hatchback Release Information?

    No solid info on the hatchback yet except that Honda has confirmed it's coming. As others have posted previously, the Geneva auto show coming in March might be a possible place for it to debut since that's the only model that Europe will get and Geneva is the biggest European auto show.
  14. 2016 Civics fitted with 9th gen Si wheels

    Answer to all these questions is No. And changing wheels doesn't affect warranty. 18 inch is hardly oversized. The Si and Type R models will come with 18" wheels standard.
  15. 2016 Civic vs 9th gen Civic Si Acceleration Tests by Hondata

    Hondata is located in Torrance - LA, so basically sea level.
  16. S2000 or Civic TypeR?

    No reason Honda has to bring out a new S2000 at the same price (adjusted for inflation) as the previous one. I think they're smarter than trying to sell a small 2 seat roadster that costs more than $40k. $40k+ roadsters currently available on the market (Z4, SLK) don't exactly fly off the shelf.
  17. Wheels, curbs and a bad day

    That looks very minor. I highly doubt there's any structural damage to your wheels or suspension. There'd have to be evidence of a much harder impact, which is absent here. Any wheel repairer/refinisher should be able to get that back to looking normal.
  18. SI as a commuter car?

    Of course. This new 10th gen Civic is more grown up than ever with a great compliant ride and low exterior noise. Even with the stiffer suspension and louder exhaust that the Si will get, it should be plenty comfortable as a daily driver.
  19. Honda R&D officer says 2.0L turbo VTEC launches next March for U.S.!

    I trust a Honda R&D officer's dates more than a speculative guess from a non Honda employee. We'll know in 3-4 months at latest tho like you said.
  20. TV Shows

    I haven't watched Homeland since season 1 which was phenomenal. But then I heard season 2 wasn't so great so never picked up again. Without spoiling the series, is it still centered around Carrie and Brody?