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  1. FS: OEM Si sedan springs

    7000 miles on them. I don’t have the car anymore. Like new condition. $50 plus shipping
  2. Airbox removal (Acura)

    Yes there is one bolt underneath that you have to loosen or remove. You can struggle with it or take the front bumper off, which allows full access to everything. It is possible to get the lower air box without removing the bumper. Just takes time and patience.
  3. About the Ktuner 1.2 with TSP tune

    I bought a cheap laptop to use. Worked fine. That laptop is for sale now since I sold the car lol. DM me if interested.
  4. 2017 Si part out

  5. 2017 Si part out

    sorry forgot to post them.
  6. 2017 Si part out

    I have a few things left for sale from my 2017 Si sedan. All prices are pretty firm. Local pickup would be less. PRL catted DP v1. 2k miles on it. Hardware not included. $330 shipped. Black bezel headlights. Sealed with Morimoto rubber and silicone. No leaks or condensation. $300 shipped...
  7. Carvana has a shiny (almost new) Si

    I sold mine with a Vibrant muffler and a resonator delete. They didn't say anything about it. They paid me $19,711.
  8. Carvana has a shiny (almost new) Si

    Yeah I had it listed, but not a ton of action. I am in an area with a pretty lame car scene. Carvana offered me within $300 of what I wanted for the car. Actually, I am banking most of the money for home improvement plans and a future car project. I am getting myself a cheap daily/project...
  9. Carvana has a shiny (almost new) Si

    Well guys, the decision has been made. Carvana bought my 2017 Si sedan yesterday. 12,400 miles on her. Whomever buys it will be getting a huge head start I’m doing mods, if that’s what they wish. I put back OEM parts on everything that made financial sense, but some mods were left on because it...
  10. Thinking about selling

    I just agreed to sell mine to Carvana. They are supposed to come pick it up and give me a check Monday. I listed mine for 21k, hoping for 20k. Carvana offered me 19,700. Done deal. 2017 Si sedan. 12k miles.
  11. Life Of Clutch.

    Because the dealer charges way more than is necessary to have a clutch changed. I run a Type R retrofitted flywheel and Type R clutch. It drives like an OEM clutch because that’s what it is, just a lot stronger.
  12. Next car mods based off current mods?
  13. Next car mods based off current mods?

    I would suggest intercooler and turbo blanket.
  14. what???

    Yes that would work.
  15. what???

    Pull your battery cable. Let it sit for 10 mins. Plug everything back in. Drive it around for a bit for everything to initialize. All lights should go off on the dash. If not, turn the car off, wait a minute, and turn it back on. Should resolve everything, if you plugged everything in correctly.
  16. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    Nice write up. One little trick I learned is to crack the oil filter slightly loose before pulling the drain plug. The pressure is equal at that point and it is way easier.
  17. WTB: OEM SI Rear camber arms

    I have a set of OEM Si arms. If you are in a Belgium, shipping will be killer.
  18. Traded the Si last Saturday...

    What year and mileage on your Si?
  19. WTB 3.5" Center channel speaker - JL or other

    I have a set of Polk dB 3.5”s. I can do $50 shipped for the set.