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  1. Civic Si in GS

    Could be a tiny rock between the pad and the rotor. Ive had thathappen 3-4 times in the last year with my car
  2. Civic Si in GS

    Sounds like you're over heating the tires. You need to spray them down more and/or drive smoother. If you like to sledge hammer, you might want to go to rivals. yoko or falkens will be as bad or worse than the 71r if over driven. My last set of 71rs, I ran 36/38 and rotated them every event and...
  3. Civic Si in GS

    RSB yes, brace no
  4. Civic Sport Hatch Autox in HS?

    We've had courses down here in FL that are deep into 3rd gear. I've seen 87/88 on GPS and 65-70ish in slaloms. :) It depends on the site and "obstacles" around the course.
  5. Civic Si in GS

    Marcus in the Supra does that. 71R in the front and Yoks out back (hence the YOKSTONE decal's LOL)
  6. Civic Si in GS

    I was having the same issue at Charlotte was doing 2700ish most of the launches but was just too low. 3K was same deal. I was dumping and going WOT right at launch it and it would bog more as the boxes got rubbered in. Everyone was on stones there and we were all 2.0-2.2 60' times And to...
  7. Civic Si in GS

    Idk on the FRZ's but the ND2's actually have a bumped limiter and AFAIK no gear change so they actually have more MPH. On the '20+ SI 2nd will end at 54 vs the 17-19's 57 on 255/40/17's.
  8. Civic Si in GS

    SSC!! I almost bought a FRS for that but figured the SI would be better with my 2YO in the back.
  9. Ceramic Coating Fail?

    I'd tell them one last chance to correct it or you will do a charge back and leave reviews. Be polite and patient but firm to get what you want. They fucked up and there should be a warranty on the coating that they provide.
  10. Sharing methods/tips/tricks to get temps down...

    Yeah, I didn't feel Dixie was hot enough to spray in there. Bristol will be I'm sure Dixie was suppose to be the only event I didn't have a co-driver. He's got his panties in a twist over the schedule being ruined this year and bailed. Eased my mind on heat soak, tires, and clutch LOL.
  11. Sharing methods/tips/tricks to get temps down...

    Not allowed. I'd rather turn the engine off but keep the car "On" to keep the fans going. I've only done 1 Nats event in the car so far and just turned it all off. popped the hood, and doused the Inter cooler after the tires then again at the 3 car warning before closing the hood. (just me...
  12. Anti-oversteer

    Do the pedal dance. Nothing kicks in then.
  13. What is your preferred downshift method?

    Its 100% possible, I do it all the time. Not as easy as other cars I've owned but not the worst I've seen either LOL
  14. Autocross Video Sharing!

    Come on down to FL, it was 80 today and I've been to 4 events so far in 2020 LOL
  15. Anybody autox in SMF class?

    FP is street legal since its behind the cat. DP needs to have a stock or HFC to be STH legal. Run XSA/B if your catless and on streeties. Essentially SM but for street tires. New class for 2020
  16. What color rims for Modern Steel Metallic?

    Love the bronze wheels on mine!
  17. Si Coupe Seat Height

    5'11' here and with a helmet on it rubs the headliner. I only notice it while sitting in grid/stagging. Once I'm moving it doesn't bother me. It was more annoying at first but after a few events I got use to it.
  18. these cars do not hold value as they did before

    So your 4 year old (based on MY release), undesirable model (Not something enthusiasts want and are dime a dozen), average mileage car lost 50% of its value. Seems about right to me. Cars are depreciating assets, never buy one assuming a certain resale.
  19. Civic Si in GS

    Not sure if the R has more range in front camber but rest is probably close. I'm Max front Camber 0.4*, 1.5* rear. Zero front toe and 1/16~1/24 out rear.