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  1. Why doesn't this car get as much respect as it should for handling.

    I'm actually debating getting a Fit right now but I'm struggling with the choice between a fun and tossable car or something bigger and more comfortable that eats up bad roads better.
  2. Why doesn't this car get as much respect as it should for handling.

    The 2nd of owning my Si, I went on a road trip that involved a lot of winding roads and I was blown away how it felt through corners. I never had a car with an LSD before and I was very impressed. The tires were shit but those were easily replaced later on. After a RSB and strut bar, the car was...
  3. Calif. mandating all cars sold by 2035 are zero-emission

    I knew that was coming when I read your first post where you implied everyone in CA is on drugs. It's really easy to spot you guys.
  4. How to find the right buyer VIN 00001?

    There's nothing special about the '18 model since the Si started in '17 so, I personally dont anyone would care about the VIN... Well, not enough to pay more for it. I could be wrong... I was wrong once and let me tell you, I did NOT like it.
  5. Drone after left muffler delete+mishimoto air intake

    Muffler deletes introduce drone. Just a fact. I took mine off and I definitely got off throttle drone between 3-4k. What can you do? Put the muffler back or buy a new exhaust system.
  6. Pennsylvania KTuner V2 w Phearable '17/'18 Si tune (Non-Godmode)

    Cut the price in half and double it!
  7. Fuel

    The octane rating system is different there.
  8. Leasing issue, major regrets.

    Seriously. This thread is old as hell but if I found myself in that situation, buying the car would be a top option to consider. You've already put money down and are already paying monthly... Just buy it.
  9. Civic Si/R Vs Nissan 400Z Proto

    Boy that front end is hideous.
  10. Fuel

    That's it. Someone close the thread before it becomes a 10 page debate.
  11. Pennsylvania KTuner V2 w Phearable '17/'18 Si tune (Non-Godmode)

    Nothing exciting. I'll let you know.
  12. Pennsylvania KTuner V2 w Phearable '17/'18 Si tune (Non-Godmode)

    Selling my Ktuner v2 and it comes with the Phearable tune for the 17-18 Si. The Ktuner unit works for all 10th gen Civic models. Box/Cables/Suction mount included. $550 shipped anywhere in the US. Paypal Only
  13. I think I'm too anal about my stuff especially my car

    Literally every woman I've ever had in any of my vehicles ever.
  14. Just a reminder topic : take security measures for this car....

    That's true for your average car but anyone who's willing to steal a CTR more than likely knows how to drive stick. Also, I had my Si towed recently and I forgot to give the tow driver my keys. He got to my house before me and needed to set the parking brake. He broke into my car in 10 seconds...
  15. Just a reminder topic : take security measures for this car....

    People still make a big deal about Type Rs... you should be flattered. Not sure how a dash cam is going to help if someone manages to steal it.
  16. What in the fresh hell is this in-dash rattle? 🤔

    My Si had all these noises and more. It's one thing I won't miss. It was a nightmare in the winter because in addition to all the noises found around the cabin, I also had a RMM installed so that was fun. I took my doors apart and added sound deadening material all over the door panels and it...