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  1. SOLD: hondata flashpro race 2016+ civic 1.5

    If you can come a bit closer to the my number, I'll let it go, $450 is a bit low. I bought this new for $660 if I recall.
  2. SOLD: hondata flashpro race 2016+ civic 1.5

    I have a lightly used hondata flashpro for the 2016+ Honda Civic race I'm looking for at least $500 shipped. Make an offer, comes with original box and cables.
  3. Gauge Control Module

    From what i understand that info is pulled from a separate area and not contained within the cluster. But that cluster also controls start/stop of the vehicle, so if you replace it, there's a small chance you'd have to tow the car to a dealer to have the new cluster reprogrammed to work with the...
  4. Gauge Control Module

    According to various Honda techs and advisors; The guage cluster replacement will require reprogramming as stated by their service information.
  5. Car taking forever to "warm up" after oil dilution TSB

    They just don't replace the one part to save money on the recalls, but it does the same exact thing. If you already had the update/recall performed then they won't be able to do it again as your car is already at the most recent version.
  6. Car taking forever to "warm up" after oil dilution TSB

    I'd definitely ask them about that if you're still having issues. Also do keep in mind that while the thermostat may look good (after putting it in a boiling bowl of water) It seems to function properly, but I'm pretty sure it's opening prematurely which also causes the car to cool down too soon.
  7. Car taking forever to "warm up" after oil dilution TSB

    It's pretty easy if you have a decent set of tools, basic stuff really. It's easy to make a huge mess, but since i work at a car dealer, I just borrowed a lift after work, threw my car up in the air and drained my system then took the two bolts out of my thermostat and went at it. Took me a lot...
  8. Car taking forever to "warm up" after oil dilution TSB

    Also, For reference, the updated recall fix for the oil dilution, they are no longer replacing the A/C control module and are only reprogramming the BCM (body control module). If you already had the recall done, there is no point in going back for it as the software versions are the same.
  9. Car taking forever to "warm up" after oil dilution TSB

    Changed out my thermostat today, all issues are gone and car warms up properly, temp doesn't drop during idle.
  10. Car taking forever to "warm up" after oil dilution TSB

    There's another update for oil dilution??
  11. Car taking forever to "warm up" after oil dilution TSB

    Let me know what they say, and this happens to me in the 20s as well
  12. Car taking forever to "warm up" after oil dilution TSB

    Lmao I'd do it if I could afford it
  13. Car taking forever to "warm up" after oil dilution TSB

    Over the last two weeks with cold weather and all my car has been taking considerably long to heat up. Even in the mid 20s I've had to drive for over 20 minutes to see the temp guage even show up. I've already been through the new recall and verfiied with my local dealer and service advisor that...
  14. 2016/2017 Honda Civic Service Bulletins & More

    I suppose in a technical way it is because they told me this morning when I got here that the recall for my car is out and that they'd be doing that before they replace my front axle components today.
  15. '17 Civic Steering Clunk

    Bumping this old thread just to say this issue may possibly be related to a worn out and or defective cv joint component in the front axle and if you're still within your 5yr/60k mi warranty this is covered free of charge. Just mention to your dealer that your front axle has been making these...
  16. 2016/2017 Honda Civic Service Bulletins & More

    Mine doesn't show an open recall on the honda website, but if you go into the dealer just mention it to them and they should be able to tell you. I went in for an unrelated issue today and they mentioned to me that there is a recall for my car and it's this exact TSB.
  17. (Resolved) Parasitic Battery Drain

    The bad cell in the battery caused the battery to discharge and spark as it wouldn't hold a charge. I didn't say a parasistic drain was caused by a bad cell. I simply meant that the bad cell was the issue the whole time.
  18. (Resolved) Parasitic Battery Drain

    Hey everyone, I found the issue with my battery drains, it turned out to be a bad cell in my battery which was impossible to find without removing the battery and all the connectors. I had numerous mechanic friends and have checked myself to rule out potential drains and everything pointed in...
  19. (Resolved) Parasitic Battery Drain

    This has been an issue prior to wiring up my aftermarket amplifier. I suspected the parasitic drain to be a relay that was stuck open, but it doesn't seem to be the relay that i replaced.