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  1. How often do you clean your leather?

    Yeah, Mothers california gold synthetic paste wax is one of the more inexpensive ones and gets great reviews. What is because of the Florida sun?
  2. How often do you clean your leather?

    Yeah I use meguairs ultimate quick wax spray wax in between waxes with mothers california gold synthetic paste wax.
  3. How often do you clean your leather?

    I use meguairs gold class cleaner/conditioner on mine once a month. Just a quick wipe down and thats it.
  4. Xenondepot LED Headlight + HID Review - 2016 Accord

    Weird, I used the red ring that came on the xenondepot bulbs and they seem to be in there pretty snug.
  5. To those who installed an HID Kit, where did you put your ballast?

    I've had three kits so far. One DDM and two from xenondepot. I've never had an issue with wires overheating. The only issues I've had were with the DDM relay harness. It melted the fuse in the fuse holder, probably because it never made good contact and would jiggle around. Double sided...
  6. Xenondepot LED Headlight + HID Review - 2016 Accord

    Yeah, I read about some having problems with the light throw with the LEDs, told myself eh I don't need throw, but I wanted the brightest I could get within reason. To help visibility stick with either 4300k or 5000k bulbs with the hid kit.
  7. Xenondepot LED Headlight + HID Review - 2016 Accord

    Yeah. I had their cheaper Volt kit on my Accord coupe for 3 years. Never a flicker, never failed to ignite, ballasts always silent. Traded the car in with them on. Pics of my install:
  8. Xenondepot LED Headlight + HID Review - 2016 Accord

    Thanks. The flickering, is it like the bulb completely turns off/on or like a very very slight candle flicker?
  9. Xenondepot LED Headlight + HID Review - 2016 Accord

    Saw a few posts about the LED kit so I figured I would post my review of both Xenondepot's LED H11 kit and their HID Xtreme kit. This might be a long one... LED Headlight Kit: PICS: Pros: Very simple...
  10. 2016 Civic vs 9th gen Civic Si Acceleration Tests by Hondata

    I see some butthurt in this thread haha.
  11. Wash/detail myself or have someone else do it?

    My regimen for the past few years has been to wash/wax it myself once a month, and get a professional detail $150-$200 once a year.
  12. 4500K HID on low beam clear white

    Pffffffft. Those relay harnesses cause more issues than they are worth. My first car with HIDs (MS3) I installed the relay harness and had to always flip the lights on twice to ignite one side, because one of the fuses in the little holder melted. Took the relay harness off and never had another...
  13. 2016 Civic vs. Accord

    I test drove a 2016 Civic EX and Touring model and a 2016 Accord EX-L V6 Sedan back to back. I left the dealer with the Accord. While the new Civic is much improved over the old one, it still was not on the same level as the Accord refinement wise. The Accord had less engine noise, less road...
  14. First wash/wax suggestions and advice

    I washed and waxed the day after I brought my accord home. My current products are Mothers California Gold Synthetic Wax (paste), Meguairs Ultimate Quick-Wax (spray) and the two bucket method.
  15. Anyone planing Synthetic oil after first oil change?

    On a turbo car, or if you are really anal about maintenance as I am, I would use synthetic. At my honda dealer the synthetic change is only $10 more. I've followed the maintenance minder on my previous accord and will on this one as well. It usually hit 15% life around 8-10k.
  16. Metallic vs flat paint?

    Having had taffeta white on my last accord, and metallic colors on other cars. The metallic colors are usually dual stage while the non-metallic are single stage without a clear coat. I would not own another non-metallic color, as I kept very good care of the taffeta white and it would...
  17. Leather care That is what I use. Make sure its the spray or gel as the lotion will clog up your perforated leather pores with white stuff. I probably apply it about once a month when I wash the car, just a quick wipe...
  18. What is the best real world MPG average you are getting from 2.0l or 1.5l

    Hahah, I know its not a civic, but I bought my accord around the same time most of you were buying the civics (I was planning on getting one as well). My 2016 Accord v6, is getting 30-32mpg. This is with 25% city / 75% highway driving. Its rated for 21/34.
  19. Turbo durability?

    Turbos when run within their compressor map efficiency range and oil changes are kept up with are very reliable. Current turbos are water cooled and oil lubed.
  20. 2016 Honda Civic goes 6.7s 0-60 -- tested by Edmunds (calls Civic a game changer)

    Hahah, I had actually been in touch with rick case honda for a few weeks waiting for them to get cars in, I test drove an EX there. Then the sales guy was mentioning this bull shit "market adjustment" on the new civics, and acting like the touring was the hottest thing ever made. I ended up...