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  1. Honda LogR released in France

    Bigger question is, who will come out with a hack to allow owners (2017-2019) to have it working on their cars 😬
  2. C&R/PWR Oil Cooler Kit Development

    I can help spread the word and send them your way.
  3. FK8 radiator fan

    Apologies Michael, like I've said on the CTR Track FB group, thanks for the clarity and hoping to see on-going positive track tests. I'll add that I would jump on replacing my current upgraded koyo radiator.
  4. FK8 radiator fan

    Jason at USR and Luke Wilson from 4Piston shared the same thoughts on the CTR Track FB group. Seems to be a great option.
  5. FK8 radiator fan

    Michael, my intentions are not to be negative. All of us track guys will question a "cure-all". That's great if it really does help, but please forgive me if a fellow Track goer asked for a little more data. I have no experience at thunder hill west so awesome if it cured the overheating. I even...
  6. FK8 radiator fan

    Got it. I don’t think you were going fast enough to overheat, no offense Specially with those tires. I’ll just post these quotes from fast track guys: And a reply from someone who got the race version of the radiator and t In conclusion, a radiator does not fix the issue.
  7. FK8 radiator fan

    What’s your track time for thunder hill?
  8. FK8 radiator fan

    Agreed on all points. I have all the cooling mods, during the end of my hotlap I shift early around 5k rpm. I immediately begin a cool down afterwards, otherwise 1/4 of the way into the second hotlap my temps rise to 250F+ (monitored via my oil temp gauge).
  9. Jonnys_honda Civic Type R FK8 Build

    Yes I keep in touch with them. I’ll definitely grab a set when they are ready for production! I had tried to retrofit one of their s2k quick release mounts but couldn’t make it work without removing the brake ducts.
  10. Jonnys_honda Civic Type R FK8 Build

    Sure thing! I use the included elevator bolts. I’ll update my posts with photos of that.
  11. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Finally updated the build thread. I go over APR GTC300 wing and Racebred Splitter install! My Build thread
  12. Jonnys_honda Civic Type R FK8 Build

    Splitter support: Professional Awesome Splitter rods I must say these rods were engineered with adjustability, strength, and repairability in mind! I ordered 6 pairs to support the splitter at various locations to the OEM aluminum crash beam. The product website has tons of options in regards...
  13. Jonnys_honda Civic Type R FK8 Build

    Aero upgrades continued: Racebred Components Splitter (installed 06/14/2020) I opted for the 3" Splitter for the most downforce possible. Now Racebred does have a custom option if you wanted to increase splitter length beyond 3", which adds to both product and shipping costs. For support I went...
  14. Jonnys_honda Civic Type R FK8 Build

    Mod updates! I'll split the post up in several parts for an easy read. Aero Upgrades: APR GTC-300 Carbon Wing (purchased at Art Of Attack, Installed on 05/16/2020) The wing was super easy to install, used plastic pry tools and a few sockets (10mm and 12mm). APR did a great job with fitment, the...
  15. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I paid $200. It is a little tedious because they need to bring down the headliner a bit to disconnect the roof top antenna. Also all of the vortex generators are tedious to wrap. $275 is a fair price.
  16. What did you do to your Type R today?

    No I paid a shop to do it. Has been two years and the roof still looks great!
  17. Which is quieter - HKS Legamax or Milltek Part Resonated?

    Did you have a downpipe? I had no cat, plus both of those exhausts. HKS drones like hell on the highway. Milltek I can have a conversation with my wife in the car lol.

    There’s already a thread for Titan7 👍
  19. Next-Gen Honda Civic Type R Gets 395 Horsepower From Electric Rear Axle: Report

    Hopefully they update the cooling system when on the race track with the 2021 model 🙏