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  1. Type R Body Kit

    I got this bumper on ebay for about $400, due to my front lip being raped by a tire on the highway. Bumper was cheaper shipped than the lip. Fits well, although i might have to modify the reinforcement bar a little. Bumper is on 2017 Sport 6MT Hatch. Link to buy...
  2. DFW Civic X Meet

    I think so, too. I'm good any night, as I get off work at 2pm most days, some times 6
  3. DFW

    Nice....i see it all the time. I'm at Raytheon North Building
  4. DFW

    I started another thread with a poll to figure out when and how often the meet will be. I'm leaning more towards monthly at first, as that's what we did with the FRS group.
  5. DFW Civic X Meet

    Hey, I started a Facebook group and page for the DFW people. Private Group (this will be mostly for meet/event info): Page (This will be mostly for other Civic related info): Currently, we are trying to...
  6. DFW

    Made a Facebook page and Facebook group. Let's get some meets, maybe monthly to start. Somewhere in the mid-DFW area would be ideal for most people. Page: Group:
  7. FS: PRL Catless Downpipe/Frint Pipe

    Item has been sold. Thanks to all who contacted me.
  8. FS: PRL Catless Downpipe/Frint Pipe

    Yes, still got it
  9. FS: PRL Catless Downpipe/Frint Pipe

    EDIT: ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD. THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST. I have a catless down pipe/ front pipe combo from PRL. New in box. Box opened to verify parts. Located in Dallas, Tx area. Decided to change the direction of the car. Will post pics after I get home from gym. $500 obo ($650 MSRP+$30 s&h UPS...
  10. DFW

    Edit: Item Sold
  11. 2017 Hatchback Roof Rack

    Finally got the Rhino Rack setup from etrailers
  12. DFW

    Stomach Flu (not the regular deadly flu) has been going around big time in Collin County.....had it this week....not fun
  13. DFW

    So I did a thing...Rhino haul my Mountain bike around to different trails... Also been seeing a Black Type R at TI in Dallas...
  14. Towing

    On the Sport, the tow hook receiver is behind this panel. Tow hook is in trunk with spare.
  15. 2017 Hatchback Bike Rack

    That piece you cut appears to be the brace for the factory tow hook receiver
  16. DFW

    Not yet. I have the PRL catless pipe and just waiting to get some extra funds for a custom tune on my KTuner
  17. Pirelli World Challenge

    Hey Is anyone else to go to the Pirelli World Challenge this weekend at COTA? I'll be down from Dallas on Friday night. Maybe get together and have a cruise down Lime Creek...
  18. PRL Motorsports Downpipe / Front Pipe Pre-Order 1.5T Civic X

    Did you ever figure it out? U0301 would be "Software Incompatibility with ECM/PCM" U series codes are computer networking codes Make sure you are running the correct tune file for your engine/trans/PCM combo. there are many variables as to why that code is being triggered (ie, last service...
  19. 2016/2017 Honda Civic Service Bulletins & More

    They'll want the car for a while, as they need the coolant temps down before they'll work on it...