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  1. FS: Ktuner V1.2

  2. FS: Ktuner V1.2

    Ktuner V1.2 Used for about 8 months. Sold car, and no longer need. First $400 gets it shipped included. Comes with box and cables.
  3. 10th Gen Civic 1/4 Mile Times

    Crazy trap speed.... interesting to see where the time is lost. I'm 99% sure I could run a 13.9 on 23 pounds of boost with my CVT but I do not think I could pick up that much trap speed. The other interesting part is the tune only Si's have only mid 90mph traps... either way 110mph traps on a...
  4. 2019 Civic Type R Brochure Revealed

    That spoiler still.... holy fk.... :doh: Agree on the headlights not looking as good
  5. 10th Gen Civic 1/4 Mile Times

    I dont think anyone can shit talk the CVT's anymore seeing all these numbers getting posted up. I'm glad I am tune only and didnt spend out on the other bolt ons. Seems there is not much to be gained if anything.
  6. Hondata +6 vs. Ktuner Stage 2 CVT base tune video

    I have a solo lap timer. My numbers are very similar for my Ktuner Stage 2. 0-60 5.9-6.0 and 1/4 mile is 14.1-14.3 on average with a 99mph trap. I also have 5 1/4 mile timeslips which reflect the same results... no 0-60 obviously. I wouldn't even bother with Hondata in this comparison...
  7. KTuner - First Non-Si Map Switching Release, Quick BBG, 27WON Si Testing

    Can we run more boost than in the image in the first post for boost by gear in a CVT application? I would like to run something similar to my current Ktuner Stage 2 levels of boost in 1st gear (21psi), but be able to ramp up to a higher level of boost in 2nd 3rd etc (23.5psi). Is this...
  8. HELP! Dealership wants their car back or I fork out more money. WTF Honda.

    Tell them to take you to court. That dealership must have some incredibly stupid people working there. The deal is done. Their mistake. Are they trying to shake you down for $500? They tell you that you must return the car? Kinda sounds like scare tactics... see if you can get them to give you...
  9. MAPerformance's 1st day out at the track with our 1.5t powered 10th Gen Si! 12.09 at 116.54mph

    Overly detailed write up.. I read basically none of it .... I can definitely tell you have sales background (plug it where you can I guess). Also I think you might have a future gig in writing children's novels. Great numbers though, one of the first quick Si's I have seen around in a while.
  10. I was considering the Accord, but now it's a "Hell no!"

    I bought my civic touring over an accord 1.5T Sport.. I literally thought the civic interior was nicer and more comfortable and fit me better.... saved several grand with that decision...
  11. Hondata vs. Ktuner for CVT owners

    Ktuner = 14.1 @ 100mph on my completely stock CVT..... and there are a few other CVT's with Ktuner on here in the 13's. Nuff said'. OP you bought the wrong tuning solution. Ktuner is more aggressive, tech savy and confident in being cutting edge. Hondata lacks, and their reputation and image is...
  12. How old are all you CTR owners?

    Give me a lower profile wing, and no red seats and I would join this party.
  13. 1.5T CVT Limits and Personal Mod Roadmap

    My time was in 60 degree weather. In 90-100 degree weather you can feel the heat soak instantly with these engines.
  14. 1.5T CVT Limits and Personal Mod Roadmap

    Yep and for the CVT people, look at mine an Myx's trap speeds and 1/4 mile times... that's not far off stock type R numbers
  15. 1.5T CVT Limits and Personal Mod Roadmap

    Nope. 2.15 is my 60 foot best.... so believe me this CVT is hauling ass on the back half of the track to run 100mph while almost knocking on 13's.
  16. Two Step Performance - 1/4 Mile Times

    Bingo, Vits tune is crap. My best friend has this on Si and the mph and e.t is not great to say the least. He is ditching it and going Ktuner 23psi tune also. I have zero experience with TSP but I am tuned and i don't think .96 is safe at IMO.
  17. 1.5T CVT Limits and Personal Mod Roadmap

    CVT gang here also. And faster than most on this site... except for Kevin ^^^ OP, how fast do you want to go and how much money do you want to spend? My CVT has a $450 Ktuner Stage 2 tune loaded and a $38 K&N drop in filer. I run 14.1's at 100mph. This is rediculously quick... at the track I...
  18. Two Step Performance - 1/4 Mile Times

    Ya that's crazy bad. I track alot with two local Si's... the stock 18' Coupe Si is 15.1-15.5 all day long... the 17 Si Sedan with intake, Vit Tune is 14.55-14.8 all day. I'm trapping 100mph in my CVT, Ktuner stage 2 (21.5 psi) only.. and most of my 1/4 mile passes are 14.1-14.3. Your...
  19. Winter tires for the Civic

    I'm planning to get 16" EX model wheels for my touring to run winters on. Planning to go with Blizzaks or Nokian R3's
  20. OFFICIAL Drag-strip 1/4 Mile Time Thread (Gen X Si Only)

    Quite a few CVT's trapping +100mph on just the Ktuner 21.5psi tune... I beleive it is the 1-2 shift that hurts the Si the most... even with all the nannies disabled.. I havent followed along too much but and engine and transmount upgrade should help this. I think an Si should trap the same as...