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  1. RSB: Eibach 22 mm vs. OEM 18 mm Si

    There's probably less binding with the lower springs, too. When you reduce ride height, you change the geometry of the sway bars. Aren't the Accord links the same length as the SI ones?
  2. RSB: Eibach 22 mm vs. OEM 18 mm Si

    One factor is the rear sway bar binding, which momentarily increases rear spring rate and results in oversteer. I have a Type R bar on my SI and for autocross, it’s perfect. For track cross or track work, I swap back to the factory SI bar. I bring this up because the factory end links don’t...
  3. Civic Si in GS

    I ran 245/45/17 last season for a few events and felt like I lost too much on shorter courses. The car has great torque, but the shorter 245/40 allows you to pull out of tight elements faster. I think the 245/45/17 could be helpful on faster/longer courses, but I never had an opportunity to try...
  4. Hawk street 5.0 pads and new rotors for SI

    How is the dust with the Hawk 5.0 pads? My 2017 SI is ready for new pads up front and I was planning to go with these or the Stoptechs.
  5. Si's Helical LSD - Not competent on Track!

    The 10th generation Civic SI has a lot of mechanic grip that is evident during HPDE and autocross runs. I have my negative camber maxed out up front, the factory front sway bar and the CTR bar in the rear. The car rotates predictably and puts power down smoothly. It's very sharp in transitions...
  6. Si's Helical LSD - Not competent on Track!

    The front sway bar is important on these cars. For example, people who autocross the 8th gen Civic SI tend to upgrade the FSB instead of the rear. The front sway bar helps keep the tires planted, ensuring power is put down equally. Street class autocross only allows on sway bar change. On...
  7. Si's Helical LSD - Not competent on Track!

    I'm agreeing. It sounds like the user isn't running a FSB, which with a bigger RSB, would really reduce traction up front. Outside of autocross, I don't really see the need for people to run massive RSB on these cars. They do have significant mechanical grip in the rear, but I find it more...
  8. Si racecar... because racecar

    Are you sure the tires didn't overheat? I've only had heat soak issues on truly warm days at autocross, like 85+. Even then, I make sure I leave my car running with the hood closed and AC/Heat turned on . . . this uses the rad fan to pull air through the engine bay and cool the car. I monitor...
  9. Si's Helical LSD - Not competent on Track!

    Isn't the title a bit of hyperbole? The stock LSD works well enough for track weekends and the new SCCA time trial series. At stock, or near stock horsepower levels, it will get the job done unless you are trying to run at the pointy end of things. Clutch-type LSDs are better at putting down...
  10. Si racecar... because racecar

    I'm really interested the in the custom Bilsteins. I don't find the stock suspension to be a limiting factor for autocross at the local level, but I have a feeling that properly tuned Bilsteins will pay dividends on a high-grip surface.
  11. Civic Si in GS First day results show the Civic SI dominating trophy spots.
  12. FS Focal Integration ISC165 Speaker set FS

    Did you run these with the factory head unit? Big fan of Focals . . . may be interested. Thanks!
  13. FS: Konig Hypergrams 17x8 ET45 with RE71Rs, 245/45/17 (PA)

    Konig Hypergrams in 17×8 ET45 with Bridgestone RE71Rs in 245/40/17. Tires have 37 runs on them, rotated between each event. Rims are nearly flawless, with a few small scratches on the inside (the side facing the hub). Located in Harrisburg, PA. Asking $700obo. Tires were heat cycled before...
  14. Civic Si in GS

    I'm pretty sure you are losing .5 on a 60 second course with the taller tire. I've run 245/40/17 and 245/45/17 on my SI. While you get a bit more on the top-end, if the course is tighter/slower, you'll be slightly behind coming out of each corner. The taller tire still doesn't get you to 60...
  15. Civic Si in GS

    RE71Rs can definitely overheat, depending on the outside temperature, length of course, driving style and surface. I spray mine when it's over 80 outside, or if I'm co-driving. Spraying the intercooler is definitely a good idea, too. I will turn on the heater and AC between runs and let it...
  16. FS: Konig Ultraforms (perfect for HS AutoX)

    Thanks. What size tires?
  17. FS: Konig Ultraforms (perfect for HS AutoX)

    I'm going to be in Houston next weekend, driving down and back up. Are you looking to trade for a set of 18s or just a straight-up sale? Interested either way. I have a set of Enkei GT7 that I would be willing to trade, with some cash on top.
  18. Civic Si in GS

    Strut bracing is not legal in Street . That wear looks normal . Even new RE71Rs will have excessive wear in the middle at first. You can try a few more PSI to help .
  19. Civic Si in GS

    Dude, you over overthinking the oversteer thing with the Type R RSB. This isn't a BRZ/FRS, these cars are very stable. I'm running it on my SI and have had no issues, it is very predictable, even on snow tires and in the snow. The car can get light in the rear if you lift in a turn, but...
  20. Civic Si in GS

    Don't get too worked up, that Fiesta ST would have trophied in DS, in front of some very talented drivers.