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  1. Honda Care car rental...

    they should've given a rental right away. At least, they always did for me when I was taking in both of my hondas (civic and pilot with honda care). Just go to another dealership
  2. My girlfriend hates my Si and I understand why

    My wife is not with my 6MT hatch either. She never drove it and never plans to. Oh well, I don't mind it. She's got her pilot and happy with it. I am, on the other hand, not really enjoying driving the pilot. To each it's own.
  3. Ceramic coating- worth it?

    it is worth it if done yourself. spending over 1k on it just doesn't make sense. if you're not comfortable DIYing just get yourself some Turtlewas ceramic spray or griots ceramic, 20$ and you're golden
  4. Please advise**Civic 1.5 EX-T hatchback knocking sound

    I've been on 5w30 for 30K miles or so, all good. make a move and don't look back
  5. Clutch pedal creaking sound (dealer added grease once already last week)

    nope, my car is completely stock (i'm not into tuning at all). as far as voiding the warranty - I guess you'll never know before you try, really depends on the dealer you go to. I'm not very knowledgeable on this question to tell you the truth
  6. Clutch pedal creaking sound (dealer added grease once already last week)

    didn't pay a dime. Car was over 36K but I have an extended warranty till 2022 or 80K so nothing out of the pocket. Although, I don't think they even ran it through the system as they never even gave me the visit summary which was ok by me. I guess really depends on the dealer you go to
  7. Clutch pedal creaking sound (dealer added grease once already last week)

    actually there is. I've taken my car in earlier this year in march. Tech could hear the sound right away. He put the car on the lift and lubricated the slave cylinder rod, cleaned out what has been accumulated underneath the rubber boot and the sounds was gone. it's been a few thousand miles now...
  8. Please advise**Civic 1.5 EX-T hatchback knocking sound

    powertrain is covered at 5/60. I'd imagine motor warranty should be extended although you'd need to verify it with Honda (not the dealership I'd say)
  9. Please advise**Civic 1.5 EX-T hatchback knocking sound

    it'll stay the same. adjustments to the odometer are illegal to the best of my knowledge
  10. How to change your manual transmission fluid on your 10th gen (video tutorial)

    no reason for the fluid to expand by 1/3rd. it certainly has been overfilled. can you elaborate on the issue you've been having with the tranny?
  11. Ceramic Coating Fail?

    BTW, ceramic coatings on its own are not slick, they are very grabby. That's why more often then not you'd follow up with a sacrificial coating on top of ceramic in order to add slickness. High spots on the other hand - for sure a lack of experience applying the coating.
  12. Motive Power bleeder (for brake and clutch) setup for 2016+ Civic hatch, sedan, coupe

    That is an awesome setup, exactly what I was looking for. Can you post a link to the quick disconnect and male connectors? also, what is the size of the airline you've used?
  13. My Black Stone oil analysis result on 2017 Ex HB

    Fuel dilution is well over 5%, BS methodology of testing for FD is faulty. Low viscosity due to fuel dilution. Going to 5w30 is strongly suggested to offset for loss of viscosity. Many have switch including myself and having great results. Wear metals are equal to those I had with 8K miles run...
  14. UOA after TSB fix

    jeeez. that's the worst uoa I've seen as far as viscocity/fuled dilution goues. 4.8. that's terrible. you're waaay below the grade and should be worried about lubricating properties of the oil. one would argue, but you might have a faulty injector or something. that's too much gas getting into oil
  15. Thought going from 0W-20 to 5w-30?

    No sweat at all. go for it. no difference in mpg, throttle response or anything else
  16. New Brakes Needed

    is it any different from this tool...
  17. Manual Transmission Missing Bolt/Oil Leak?

    I'm not sure if that's the one they're talking about but there's a little tube sticking out on top of the transmission with a rubber cap on top of it. If you pull the rubber cap off you may discover some oil underneath it (that's what happened to me when I was poking around under the hood trying...
  18. Manual Transmission Missing Bolt/Oil Leak?

    I don't believe there's a bolt missing there. Usually these are technological holes that are used for positioning the detail on the lathe table during machining process. Also, i can't see how the leak would end up being on top of the trans (against the gravity). Is there any chance motor oil has...