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  1. Front Sway Bar Bushings - Parts Availability

    Damn dude, i'm pretty sure i have the same squeaking, but i've just accepted it as a part of owning a race car.
  2. Front Sway Bar Bushings - Parts Availability

    i wouldn't say that there is a need to upgrade the front sway bar in OP's case, the last thing these cars need is a stiffer FSB.
  3. Is it worth getting a tune?

    @Roachfacekilla before you do anything, i would HIGHLY recommend defining a goal for your car. What do you want to DO with this car? Track toy? Show car? A slightly sportier daily driver? This is probably the most important thing you should do, because those three very common goals require...
  4. Civic Si Track Pad Options?

    I actually just bought at got the PS trackday pads as well. So we'll see how they do. I figure that if they perform as well as the hps pads and have 2/3 the lifespan, they will be a solid option. And I changed rotors a while ago. Just went with centric performance blanks.
  5. What Wheel Bearing Removal Set to buy?

    Hey did you ever figure out what you needed to replace your wheel bearing?
  6. Polyurethane bushings & control arms

    Ever find any info on poly bushings? My control arm bushings are starting to give
  7. Control Arm Hitting Sway Bar (feedback)

    I thought my sway bar was contacting my control arms, because i was also hearing a sort of clunk/snap sound in certain deep turns. Turned out that my control arm bushings were blown. As long as your control arm angle is parallel with the subframe, you shouldn't be contacting.
  8. Civic Si in TCA Racing

    was wondering this mysef when i saw how well those wheels are clearing the BBK. Close up on the tires says 245/45. So i think the most narrow wheel you could run with those tires would be 8 inch.
  9. 18 inch rims with +60 offsets

    Gotcha, so you want to improve grip with a wider wheel, which would also increase torque steer. So to compensate, you want both a wider wheel with a higher offset? Why not just stick with the more narrow wheel and just get a better tire? Where are you noticing a loss of traction? Lateral...
  10. Attempt to lower temps

    On your frontpipe, at the leading edge of the flex section, take a look at how small of a gap there is between the pipe and the oil pan. My guess is that the wrap in that spot will eventually shred.
  11. 18 inch rims with +60 offsets

    i'm completely missing why the higher offset is desired? Does a higher offset, drawing the contact patches closer to the center, reduce torque steer? Who the hell has torque steer problems? My Si is sitting at ~320 WHP/WTQ and i've never found what little torque steer there is to be a big...
  12. Help me choose an exhaust system!

    27won here, there's drone. Pretty sure that if you are upgrading to 3 inch, you are going to have drone no matter what.
  13. Can't separate lower control arm from hub

    If youre just tryin to install a coilover, you shouldn't need to mess with the lower control arm at all. Push the hub, still attached to the lower control arm, down so that you have enough space to raise the shock out of the hub. Its going to be a tight squeeze to get the shock out of the hub...
  14. Downpipe stud snapped

    post pics man
  15. Civic Si Track Pad Options?

    Can vouch for the Hawk HPS 5.0 pads for the Si. However i've been going to more track days and have been getting faster, and so i think i might need something even more aggressive. Hawk makes an HP+ pad, but they dont seem to be available for the Si. Any info on EBC bluestuff? I figure the EBC...
  16. 27WON SEDAN EXHAUST - Local Pickup DMV

    hey Is this still available?
  17. my daily track toy build

    yes i did install the procivic grill. I like it! There is a gap along the top line, where the topmost edge of the grill meets the bumper, and i suppose you could do the ziptie trick on the inside of the bumper, but it's not bad enough for me to want to take the bumper off. Before you put the...
  18. my daily track toy build

    Summer 2020 update: So i've been dealing with some annoying issues as of late. First issue is the exhaust rattle. About a month or two ago, i installed the Vibrant Ultra-quiet resonator, which fixed the rattle i was experiencing at the time. Recently though, like within the last 1-2 weeks...
  19. Prevent / minimize turbo inlet pipe heat soak

    Where is this sensor modification posted?
  20. Prevent / minimize turbo inlet pipe heat soak

    About to pick up the Downpipe elbow blanket. I couldn't find the material you used to insulate your inlet pipe on the PTP website. Do you have a link? Looks great!