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  1. Civic Sport Hatch Autox in HS?

    How accurate do you have to be? There's cammed washers at the inner A-arm bolt. Loosen, tweak, tighten. Easy access, so ten minutes tops, assuming nothing is seized? My car was shipped with a white paint mark on the washer / arm. That measured out to zero toe using my toe bar. I run the...
  2. Civic Si in GS

    The OEM all seasons are absolutely horrible.
  3. 265/35/18 for autox and track days.

    I know of at least one person that uses that size on 9" wide wheels, as that's class limit for STH. Not sure if the half inch more wheel would cause issues or not, offset dependent.
  4. Civic Si in GS

    I think I tend to run a little higher pressure than most, but I run 37 psi square on that exact setup. Well, last year I ran the Karcepts, but I haven't changed pressures for the Whiteline. I'll run a little lower pressure on a low grip surface.
  5. Civic Si in GS

    I think most of the people active in this thread are aware of Mike Aversa's car. It's built to SCCA SM rules.
  6. Civic Si in GS

    Anecdotal, but my car has paint marks that go through the toe eccentrics onto the control arm. I run the car with the rears set with those paint marks perfectly offset (as much turn as you could do with the marks still barely touching) and that's the most rear toe out I find tolerable on the...
  7. Civic Si in GS

    Congrats! I think you're the first person to document success with the Yokohama on these cars, so you are trailblazing. Share what you find, as I'm really interested in trying that tire. Simmons had good luck with the staggered setup last year, but he ran BFG. [begin complete speculation...
  8. Civic Si in GS

    You are doing the pedal dance, right? The car has enough torque to roast the fronts. Just turning the stability control off with the button will make it do what you are describing.
  9. Civic Si in GS

    I'm more than 99% sure... ;)
  10. Auto crossing my si for the first time. Tips?

    Learn the cheat code to disable the stability control and you'll have a lot more fun.
  11. Helmet Suggestions?

    For AX it's something you are wearing for 5 minutes at a time so imo it's not worth overthinking. I got a closed face for my latest one so I can use it for karting too, but had a few M rated open face ones in a row from motorcycle shops and they were fine.
  12. Civic Si in GS

    Not sure what goes on in other regions, but we don't really do protests at locals here. I can remember maybe two in my 23 years. National event? Yeah, unmarry, explicitly mentioned in the rules.
  13. Hot Tire Pressures ?

    I think most of the higher recommendations in this forum are for the Rival S or re71r for autocross use.
  14. Civic Si in GS

    I think most people use the Accord ones (52320-TLB-A0,) they're cast aluminum and I think I got a pair for ~$40. Civic Si ones are plastic. IIRC the CTR ones are steel and welded together which is fine but they're like $35 each, more expense for no real benefit.
  15. Si's Helical LSD - Not competent on Track!

    1st rule of the modern internet, use extreme hyperbole. Get them clickz yo. Promote your brand. Views, likes, and followers are everything. Again, check both your compression and droop travel in the front with those coilovers. If you're on the bumpstops in compression, or you're running out...
  16. Civic Si in GS

    Since you're talking about my car, I'd agree that the brakes feel awful after a pro session. They come back, but they're not confidence inspiring until they do. Curious what I should try next year as my stock original pads are already looking pretty low. I'm also pretty digital on the brake...
  17. Civic Si in GS

    That's pretty low. Not sure what tire / size you are running, but on the 255-17 RE71 I run 37 square on most lots. On BFGs I would likely try around 40. The RE71 in particular is pretty pressure agnostic, and for me at least, tire pressure primarily adjusts how fast the shoulders wear...
  18. Civic Si in GS

    Great, now we're going to get letters about the TLX being an overdog.
  19. Si's Helical LSD - Not competent on Track!

    Weird, the Si LSD works fantastically on a stock car. The Type R also uses a helical-style LSD, but unsure if the torque biasing ratio is different. Wonder if you have some issue with droop travel or maybe your mods exceed the lockup capability of the OE LSD. Are you on the OE front swaybar...