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  1. What's your SI looking like today?

    Wrapped, but will remove and get it repainted
  2. Motor pic Monday!?

  3. Canadiaegean Blue's Si Sedan Build Thread

    Swapped in the Matte version of the HydroCarbon wheel :) I have to take my Tungsten ring off in fear of scratching the surface, otherwise really loving it!
  4. Canadiaegean Blue's Si Sedan Build Thread

    No, but in that time I've also picked up the Comp Stage 2 - which when it can be done will be one I'll go with. The Retrofit I got a good offer on from a friend so it'll go in his Si Coupe, and the ACT I'll work with a local to test it alongside me testing the Comp kit. Already sold, sorry...
  5. QUIETEST Performance Turbo Back Exhaust

    Nice insights, hope the new setup goes well for you! From trying various exhaust setups myself, I can confirm that the factory DP is also the biggest "resonator" when it comes to controlling the overall volume in the cabin, and outside. My muffler delete was ok for 14 months until I added the...
  6. What's your SI looking like today?

    Nearly three-wheeled! Must. Try. Harder :headbang:
  7. Whiteline 26mm Solid Rear Sway Bar Kit

    The Whiteline ones are stress-tested to handle the 26mm RSB, I'm not sure how long the Accord ones will last. The Accord ones are coming off my 22mm RSB, which they were good for with over a year's worth of use
  8. Whiteline 26mm Solid Rear Sway Bar Kit

    She rotates! Did the Whiteline Springs, 26mm RSB, and Toe Arms all at once. Stepping up from the 22mm Whiteline RSB to the 26mm is quite noticeable, I certainly wouldn't recommend anyone going from stock to this setup with limited performance driving experience. Car felt great at the AutoX , I...
  9. Civic Si Lowering Springs Master Guide

    I've tried the following setups on my Si over the years - H&R Springs: ride quality matches factory, great drop, some rub on big dips, will require camber kit for alignment correction, but too soft for track use. Used for 1 year. - K-Tuned Coilovers: Great adjustment range for Height...
  10. Turbo XS Oil Cap

    Just stumbled on this thread. A batch was shipped from TurboXS without the rings by error to various customers. I got a bulk order of them and noticed that the rings were missing - TurboXS shipped out a whole set of rings to me right away before I sent them out to any customers :)
  11. Side markers falling off

    Here's a closer look at the "tab pull method". It was taught to me by a long-time 10th Gen friend who's had similar experiences with other side marker he tried requiring some extra leverage. Not everyone has to do it, but when we're talking tolerances of millimetres fitment could vary - during...
  12. Canadiaegean Blue's Si Sedan Build Thread

    Long overdue install but changed a coupe of things : - K-Tuned Coilovers switched back to factory dampers with Whiteline Springs. Fronts haven't fully settled yet in the picture, otherwise it's an even 0.8" drop front and rear. Loving the ride, the K-tuned were a bit jarring, and I was getting...
  13. What's your SI looking like today?

    I'm ok with just the Fronts right now, the rear I have to get a better look at. What I really like is that us 2017-19 folks can get pop off these vents either for looks / making the horn louder for passenger side / feeding air to the driver's side where the intake sits or fab up an oil cooler
  14. What's your SI looking like today?

    2020 Vents thanks to @Thusee :)
  15. What's your SI looking like today?

    Late night wash. Tried the SONAX Wheel Cleaner Spray, worked pretty well! My front wheels were brown from being absolutely caked with brake dust prior to this so I am happy to see them Silver again :)
  16. Invidia R400 vs AWE Touring

    No CEL with the DP, I have Hondata with the appropriate settings :)
  17. Invidia R400 vs AWE Touring

    I had the Invidia R400 on my Si for 1 month paired with the 27won Catted DP and FP. From the outside it sounds nice when driving past, not too loud, but on the inside it has a lot of boomy bass, and one of my gripes was that there wasn't a whole lot of excitement going through...
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Looks so good, and yes the matte really ties in with the CF look on the dash :) Thanks for the support, hope you enjoy for years to come! Not a perfect match, the steering wheel is slightly darker versus the dash trim which is slightly lighter
  19. Anyone else here a bit of a mod hoarder?

    Wow, I thought I was the only one hoarding! LOL here's my current list: Whiteline Front 27mm solid sway bar + upgraded end links Whiteline Rear 26mm solid sway bar + upgraded end links Whiteline Toe Arms Whiteline Anti Lift Kit Whiteline Lowering Springs SPC Camber Arms SPC Negative Camber Ball...
  20. Maryland WTB UNITY PERFORMANCE MARKERS AND 27won turbo

    Shoot me a PM for the Side Markers :)