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  1. Illinois Check in....

    Welcome! Nice to see another white car around here :cool:
  2. What's with the Si sedan's rear spoiler?

    Yeah thats what I ended up doing. Works great.
  3. 2020 Si: Platinum White Pearl vs. Modern Steel Metallic?

    Love my PWP especially after a bath.
  4. Harness bar, looking for SI photos

    Can someone with an SI and the Cipher or any Harness Bar take a photo of the harness going over the seat? Curious to see how wide apart the belts look.
  5. The WRX grass isn't greener, well most of it isn't

    I went from a fully built 2015 WRX to a 2019 SI and I must say the only thing I miss is the power. The WRX had a new issue every 6 months at one point. The only thing I miss is the AWD and power. SI is hands down better at everything else.
  6. Just installed 27Won W1 turbo!

    Hey also from IL, Naperville. I have been looking for Honda/Acura shops for a while and the most reputable I have found are One6 Motorsports and King Motorsports (WI). King is the best of the best and One6 did some work on my last Civic and it went well. Hope to see you around!
  7. Civic Si in GS

    I think there is a default map which mimics factory. I wasn't sure if that would suffice or if it makes more sense just to unmarry it. Seems like it would be ok to use for local events without unmarrying.
  8. Civic Si in GS

    That's what I was thinking since technically it's not the map that came with the car from factory even if it's identical. Thanks, I think I just needed someone else to repeat it back to me lol.
  9. Illinois Check in....

    Any events coming up this year? I know there is a 10thgen Dyno Day in the works.
  10. Civic Si in GS

    I have been toying with the idea of buying a KTuner to get a little extra power during my daily driving. To stay legal in GS would I need to completely unmarry it from the car or would the factory version with the KTuner be good enough? I can see the argument for factory tune through the KTuner...
  11. Si 2nd gear whines/ Not from turbo

    Pretty sure it's just 2nd. I will be listening much closer and will try and take a video.
  12. What are your thoughts on these?

    I've heard bad things from the subaru community on the DEPO brand. Not sure if that translate over.
  13. Si 2nd gear whines/ Not from turbo

    I'm pretty sure mine has made that noise since the day I got it if I am hearing it right.
  14. Si widebody Kit, Seibon

    What ever happened to the update on this?
  15. Android Auto - Media Volume Issue

    I'll try both of those, thanks!
  16. Android Auto - Media Volume Issue

    2019 SI Samsung Note 10+ I used to be able to change the Media volume on the phone when it was paired. Right now sounds that come from the phone are quiet compared to AM/FX/XM. Does anyone else have this issue?
  17. FS: Civic Si Sedan Plug N Play Third Brake Flasher Module

    Ordered on tues installed on Fri. Thanks!!!
  18. FS: Civic Si Sedan Plug N Play Third Brake Flasher Module

    Filled out the form can't wait!
  19. Brake Light Flasher Interest Thread

    This is awesome, been waiting over a year for a quality one and I think you have made it! Can't wait to order one.
  20. 27WON - Testing the OE Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Very cool research and interested to see what comes from this!