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  1. Official W2 Turbocharger Design Thread (yes it happening) - 27WON W2 Turbo Kit

    I am joining this thread I’m also interested in the drop in turbo. For multiple reasons.
  2. Fabric issues ( arm rest, center council ) NEVER CLEAN

    Lo l man I don’t look forward to these projects I did the 2020 CTR SHORT, shifter assembly and that was such a project it would of went by quick if I knew how to take off the shifter links. All the videos on it were terrible too. I sat out there for a half an hour but once it was done the...
  3. Fabric issues ( arm rest, center council ) NEVER CLEAN

    OK THIS IS WHAT I NEED. That or I’ll take them off and have some custom upholstery. I have a black and red theme going just spent 160 bucks on custom Civic si carpets and boy were they worth it. I actually got them for free since the company took so long to ship them and I canceled the order. It...
  4. Fabric issues ( arm rest, center council ) NEVER CLEAN

    awesome. I’m thinking of doing some bride fabric and sow it on. Idk all I know is the fabric on the seats and arm rest ARE TERRIBLE
  5. Fabric issues ( arm rest, center council ) NEVER CLEAN

    Anyone else experience issues with the cloth fabric in our 10th gen si ‘s ? Cause man I can just touch it and it gets dirty and I’m sick of it. Please share your alternatives, to either switch it out. Cover it with another fabric or clean it so it stays clean
  6. Brembo calipers on civic si

    Good looks man much appreciated
  7. Brembo calipers on civic si

    Cool so essentially I can go get the rotors for a Nissan rouge. Calipers and pads from genesis, and anything else ?
  8. Brembo calipers on civic si

    Just wanted to get some inslight I heard the brembo calipers off the genesis hyundai fits on our civics, is this true ? Also do the type r brembos bolt up ? Probably cost more just cause it’s off a type r. I’ve seen some threads on this, but i want some reassurance on my own thread. Thanks in...
  9. Installed prl cobra race maf. Installed tsp race tune. Trims and misfire. Help please?

    Shoot now you guys got me wondering if my maf is facing the right way lmao
  10. Intercooler Heatsoak

    Yo guys the heat soak in the summer is terrible. I may as well revert to stock and only rip early in the morning on the way to work, and or at night on weekends
  11. Ok TSP vs MAPerformance after lots of testing

    Didn’t even know map had a tune

    What about the cobra cold air intake for the si witg a street MAF
  13. TSP stage 1 running RICH

    Yeah tonight my car was running pretty good. I like the pops between 1000-2000 rpms so if that’s normal for the tune I’m cool with it
  14. TSP stage 1 running RICH

    Weird I hit 24-25 psi at the same elevation
  15. STFT & LTFT what a different fuel can do

    it went back to normal it rarely has gone up again lately maybe it goes to .51 but that’s it. I just notice on tsp tune it gurgles 1-2 gear that’s about i I mean it sounds cool lol but I’m curious if the tune is purposely like this
  16. STFT & LTFT what a different fuel can do

    Curious guys. I’m noticing on tsp stage 1 it looked like I cfunnjng a little rich. First and second gears transition pops and gurgles a lot. Tonight I started my car and got a fuel scent out of I where I guess what I’m asking is, if this is normal
  17. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Survey

    funny he said this on tsp be. I also feel as if I’m running a little rich. My exhaust in first to second has some lovely pops lol and it isn’t just one or two pops it’s full on gurgling but I also cut off the muffler and added a straight Pipe
  18. STFT & LTFT what a different fuel can do

    Actually yes it was on a incline. It went down a hill
  19. STFT & LTFT what a different fuel can do

    Yeah I only run shell but maybe I’m at the bottom of my tank and there isn’t good gas idk I haven’t had anything above 49 all week and today after that one pull it shot up fast so idk maybe it was bumps on the road who knows I sure don’t lol
  20. STFT & LTFT what a different fuel can do

    Well I was down the street from my house it actually went up to .78 and then dropped to .72 then went to .75 but by then I just shut the car off