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  1. What does your ID stand for

    I am an IT Grad
  2. How many Civics have you owned?

    This is my 2nd civic but 3rd Honda. 1992 Civic (Manual) 1987 Honda Accord 2016 Honda Civic
  3. 2016 owners : Do you have any noticeable wear and tear ?

    Mine is sitting just under 37k and I have had no issues. Have pretty good road rash but when you drive 47+ miles one way since June 11th, 2019 it is to be expected. Still love my touring...... 4 new tires (Factory FT140's sucked) 6 Oil Changes Wash car every 2-3 days Black plastic on front...
  4. Came out to this crap.....

    A similar issue happened to me at Walmart except it was a Walmart cart attendant who banged the crap out of our Lexus. Walmart offered $500 but I took it to a body shop and they quoted $1577. Took the quote to Walmart and they reviewed the camera footage and cut me a check for $1577. Took about...
  5. How many miles on your CVT civic?

    I am at 30,603 on my 2016 Touring. Got her last June with 8306 miles on her. Put new tires and brakes on her and synthetic oil every 6500 miles. I drive 47 miles one way to work. 80% highway and 20% streets.
  6. Birmingham, AL Civics

    LOL I want to see that one...
  7. Replacing Speakers on Sport Touring Hatch and Subwoofer Modification

    I just added a 12" Solobaric and a 500 watt amp. Sounds way better than the factory sub. I actually just disconnected it.
  8. Birmingham, AL Civics

    I am pretty sure it was at Hendricks Suburu in Hoover. Saw it on a Saturday for sale on the curb. Wonder if they sent it back?
  9. Birmingham, AL Civics

    Not during the COVID-19 issue. Hopefully in a couple months Cars and Coffee will be back on....
  10. Full spare tire set up in the truck of a 2020 Si sedan

    I will stick with the donut as My Kicker Solobaric 12" is eating my trunk space.....
  11. Europe gets cooler Civics

    I would love a pano roof......
  12. Birmingham, AL Civics

    What do you mean?
  13. Official WHITE ORCHID PEARL Civic Thread

    What head unit is that? I love it!
  14. Test drove a 2017 Civic Touring, and I am disappointed at how good it is

    I love my '16 Touring. It is just a great car. The only rattles I have are from the Kicker 12" Sub.
  15. Which floormats did you purchase?

    OEM All Weather Mats here
  16. Fastest you have ever driven?

    101 in my Touring
  17. Any regrets getting a touring instead of a lower trim?

    I wish the touring came in a manual.
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Got a new cell phone mount!
  19. How often do you see civics with the same color as yours?

    2 WOP on the way to work this morning. 3 on the way home. Mine looks better than the ones I see......