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  1. Civic Si/R Vs Nissan 400Z Proto

    I figured it's only fair to update my stance. After seeing more video footage and pics from multiple angles, I'm really liking this car again. The grill still needs work but the rest of it is pretty well done. I'm not in the market personally, but the looks combined with the 400hp twin-turbo...
  2. Civic Si/R Vs Nissan 400Z Proto

    I was really feeling this car based on what I've read so far and on the yellow render that was floating around the internet... definitely not feeling it anymore based on the link OP posted 😒
  3. Fabric to leather armrest and center console swap

    I'm gonna go more with full success based on the pics alone
  4. Volk Racing ZE40's in Diamond Dark Gunmetal 265/30/19's with Sport Cup 2's.

    Based on them being Volks and how the 265 tires sit on the rim and how the wheels sit on the car I'm gonna guess 19 x 9.5 et 35.
  5. Wheel Wednesday!?

    Thanks man. Actually there's no coating or wax. Just a regular wash. I'm in Houston, front plates are technically required by law but the cops don't seem to care. None of my cars have ever had them lol. I keep it in the glove box just in case though.
  6. Wheel Wednesday!?

    Enkei T6S - 18x9.5 +30
  7. Family member bought my FK8's big brother!

    Yeah that's the main thing that always draws me back in. But then I hear that V-10 and I'm corrupted all over again 😅
  8. Family member bought my FK8's big brother!

    Beautiful. In a little under 2 years I'll be in the market for either this car or an R8. I keep going back and forth. Do me a favor and drive it like it's meant to be driven 👌🏼
  9. $300 for muffler delete and straight pipe overpriced ??!!?

    Affordable Muffler. They're one of the only shops left that still do deletes here. The rest say it's illegal for whatever reason.
  10. $300 for muffler delete and straight pipe overpriced ??!!?

    Paid $200 for this in Houston, minus the diffuser.
  11. Are TE37SL Worth it?? Help!!

    I was literally about to pull the trigger on a set but couldn't justify it for a Civic SI. Makes a little bit more sense on a CTR, but idk, I'd rather spend the money elsewhere. I went with Enkei T6S's instead and saved $2k.
  12. Do you ever get creeped out by the attention?

    Same, I live in midtown Houston. People don't even notice Rolls Royce or Aventadors anymore, let alone a Civic 😂
  13. My girlfriend hates my Si and I understand why did your best to make it sound like cute personality quirks. None of it sounded cute tbh.
  14. Black grill

    Don't forget Si and Type-R.
  15. Mountain bike options for an Si coupe

    Which rack did you go with?
  16. Mountain bike options for an Si coupe

    Well this is going to save me a few hundred bucks on the Thule rack I was begrudgingly looking at.
  17. Mountain bike options for an Si coupe

    Would this work without removing the pedals?
  18. How does everyone fund their builds?

    Software engineer and single. So sometimes I just dump whole paychecks into the car. 😅
  19. Has an Si been timed at the Nürburgring yet?

    Tires make a world of difference. Some solid summer tires completely change the handling characteristics of this car for the better.
  20. What are your favorite Civic Si exhausts?

    Right there with ya.