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  1. Official WHITE ORCHID PEARL Civic Thread

    Wheels are wedsports sa10r 18x9.5 +38
  2. The Lowered Thread

    Eibach pro kit 18X9.5 +38
  3. 2018 Civic Si Front D2 Lowering springs HELP

    you need to take the hub off to make it easier, otherwise you'll be there forever installing it like I did.
  4. Using Genesis Brembo

    Would we need a different brake rotor? or does the stock SI rotor works well with the genesis caliper? Very interested and thank you for the info
  5. Brembo CTR pads for rear

    yes you can use the ctr pads. You can find a thread on it in the forums
  6. Tire size fitment 345 35 18

    345?? no they will not fit
  7. Parts from "normal" Honda to Honda Coupe Si.

    Yes, they are all the same except type r. Make sure you use the hatchback front bumper and you'll be good.
  8. What's your SI looking like today?

    That LIP! nice
  9. What's your SI looking like today?

    I'll be at the beach with family. Have fun at the canyons!
  10. What's your SI looking like today?

    More parts to come
  11. What's your SI looking like today?

    :cry: they look so good.
  12. Tastefully Modded 17' CTR for sale:

    More pictures would help with the sale. GLWS also pictures of said 918 as well.
  13. Mugen front lip

    No pricing on the front lip? Im assuming the front bumper garnish are the vent covers correct?
  14. Finally, proper lowering springs specific to Si Coupe & Sedan - by Eibach

    I apologize but I misread it on It said all except SI. I do see quite a few people running sportlines on their SI's. I wonder if they're just running the non SI versions.
  15. Heel-and-Toe on the 2019 Civic Si?

    I also own the Acuity throttle spacer on slot C, but I feel like its still too far apart. I wonder if there are other alternatives aside from this and a gas pedal plate.
  16. Possible to fill in cracks on a cracked window visor?

    I'd sat just crazy glue it and call it a day if you still want it to be transparent. Otherwise you can use plastic epoxy and spray paint it black.
  17. Merry Christmas, what gifts are you getting for your SI's??

    My gf bought me HFP rocker panels. Woot
  18. For Sale: Part Out

    Up for a legit seller
  19. 10th Gen Coupe SplashGuards

    hmm do you know if sedan mud guards are different?