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  1. Possible Recall from Honda for all sedans

    Yes, it's not there on my 19 si sedan. As I said someone posted on Facebook.
  2. 2.0L k20c2 Hose Leak....Help!

    Electronic throttle body doesn't have AICV. The throttle itself serves the purpose of AICV
  3. 2.0L k20c2 Hose Leak....Help!

    That hose is just coolant hose to your throttle body. If you are living in cold climate zone with lot of snow then that serves it's purpose by heating the air a little to bring the engine to operating condition by warming up sooner. If you are in hot climate zones like texas then you can just...
  4. Mugen MT105 Engine Treatment Oil

    snake oil. No need of any additives to new engine
  5. 10th gen civic electronic brake not working

    I guess as you jacked up front wheel to check the noise the PCM & BCM thought something is wrong (since the wheels were in air) do one thing disconnect the battery for sometime and reconnect (ecu will go back to learning mode and all light will be on for few minutes) drive for few minutes slowly...
  6. Tuner or hondataa on stock ?

    Absolutely, but you will wear out clutch faster with tunes.
  7. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    May be someone needs to create a thread... "Share you stickers" :P :D
  8. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    do we need combination? I thought some thing like Killmat or Nioco mat would be sufficient for sound deadening project.
  9. 2020 Civic SI Clutch slip at 2500 miles

    Share a video with your tachometer
  10. Recommended sound insulation?

    I need to find some time to work on this project
  11. Side marker lights

    can you let me know which color of wires (driver & Passenger side)to splice as I don't have any tool to check the signal wire
  12. Side marker lights

    did you splice the turn signal wire?
  13. Dashboard rattle civic 2017 sport EU

    I am sorry but you video has lot of wind noise. Are you running A/C at full blast?
  14. It's Raining Ash-Intake Air Filter

    My Si is my daily and I am with my stock filter. I understand your concern, if you have another car then don't drive Si. if you don't have other option just drive it and clean the filter sooner. I am ok with replacing filter if it needs it as stock filter is around $20-25 anyway
  15. How to monitor fuel trims?

    Veepeak is a wifi scanner. Just download OBD scanner app or torque pro app and connect the OBD scanner to your OBD port and open the app. you have to check both LTFT and STFT but LTFT is the one which gives you conclusive results. there should be a log feature in the app to record the parameters...
  16. When should i use sport mode?

    This is the best time to use sport mode.. Just use it as much as you can before 2020 ends :D Just Kidding.. I switch to sport mode the moment I turn on my car. if i am going on a bad patch of a road then I switch it off
  17. Honda Hack Pro

    It works for me. I am with honda hack pro from 16 months
  18. Android auto wireless support on 2017 EX-L

    for running wireless AA you need 5GHz wifi which is not present in the infotainment system. Only option is to rely on the dongle which is in indegogo
  19. Honda hack help!!!!

    Just follow whatever @carl4 said
  20. A good cleaner/protector for leather wrapped wheel

    My steering wheel is getting replaced under warranty by Honda as the left side is flaking now