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  1. Handkraftd Steering Wheel

    I bought this exact same wheel a few months ago and it's holding up pretty well so far. As stated earlier, it's probably from the same factory as the name brand counterpart.
  2. Penguin Tech Racing Flex Fuel Kit

    Never heard of this company before, anyone running this kit?
  3. Aftermaket lug nuts

    I've been running a set of Monster lugs for over a year now and they've held up well. They're chipped a little because I was impatient and took an impact gun to them but other than that no fading.
  4. Sunroof on a type r????

    Euro plate holder. Why this car has one I dunno.
  5. FS: Injen Intake v2

    No real reason, just decided to go back to the stock intake.
  6. Due to forced Work at Home until 3/21 - thinking of selling my Type-R

    If I'm not pressed for time or have a trunk full of perishables I always take the long way to places. Sure I burn more gas but it's offset by not having to commute to work .
  7. FS: Injen Intake v2

    Bump. New price, OBO
  8. Cheep Wheels

    ESR SR12 18x9.5 +40
  9. Due to forced Work at Home until 3/21 - thinking of selling my Type-R

    I'm WFH but in my case it's the complete opposite. I've been using the time to add parts to mine. Then again, I'm not leasing so that might have something to do with it. Does OP not leave the house like ever?
  10. Ho lee Spit ok who is this on the forums?

    I followed the restoration of this car. I was impressed until he decided to plastidip it in highlighter yellow.
  11. FS: Injen Intake v2

    Intake is in great shape, all hardware and hoses included. Asking $150 shipped.
  12. Don't Hate me but.....

    As already stated, a decent ceramic windshield tint will solve all your problems and you won't have to resort to inconvenient visors or ugly dash mats.
  13. My first gripe with the Type R (likely all new Civics)

    I guess I'm so used to it from my '00 EM1 I don't notice it anymore lol
  14. Oil change gone bad on 2020 CTR

    Two threads about the same pic. This is going to be legend...(wait for it)...dary :rofl:
  15. Help with PRL Stage 1 intake (rubbing hose)

    This is what I ended up doing. Fits a lot better now.
  16. I snapped the bolt stud on the turbo charger when installing Turbo Blanket.

    That looks like a PITA. Probably why I'll never attempt to pull the DP on my own.
  17. Hondata Flashpro not available anywhere?

    Ordered mine from Evasive this past Friday and recieved on Monday. They said they just got a shipment in so you might want to head over there. Free overnight shipping and a t-shirt to boot.
  18. Looking to buy used CTR, what to look for

    It's still under the factory warranty, just do it!
  19. Can the electronic Parking brake mess up if you keep pushing it on/off?

    Be warned, that parking brake switch isn't exactly the gold standard for longevity. I had to take my car in for warranty because the switch just quit working out of the blue.