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  1. FACE LIFT TYPE R SPOTTED? Check out the pic. What do you think?

    If you have money in your pocket, they will surely “let” you buy it.
  2. Garage Queen Challenge

    I’m with you. This has been the car I’ve wanted for 20+ years and I’m in no hurry to put miles on it. There’s no way I would park this car in the parking garage I use for work, so I don’t drive it to work. I work a lot so I don’t drive it as much as I would like. I bought the end of June 2017...
  3. Average miles on your new Type R when bought

    I was there when my car came off the truck with 11 miles on it.
  4. CTR Rev Matching and Emissions Issues w/Check Engine light.

    Mine just happened at 1496 miles. Brought it to the dealership today to install spare tire kit and new wire harness. Won’t get it back ‘til Wednesday. Damn holiday weekend.
  5. Coupe Type R anyone? (my personal perfect Type R)

    I set myself up for the ADM. They knew how much I wanted the car.
  6. Coupe Type R anyone? (my personal perfect Type R)

    Do you live in Louisiana? You buyin’ From I got mine from Royal Honda. It was the first one they received. I had been talking to them about it for about two years before it finally came through.
  7. Coupe Type R anyone? (my personal perfect Type R)

    Do you live in Louisiana? You buyin’ From Honda of Covington?
  8. Coupe Type R anyone? (my personal perfect Type R)

    If it’s not what you want, don’t buy it.
  9. Spare Tire for Type R

    OK, I'm coming down off the ledge. Thanks! Now that I'm looking at the picture you can see the larger foam blocks underneath.
  10. Spare Tire for Type R

    WTF! I can't be the only one irritated by this. Does the jack even fit in anywhere? Im disappointed to say the least. Will the cover sit down flat/flatter without the tool caddy on there? Could the rim be mounted with the face of the rim out and would sit lower in the well?
  11. Honda Civic Type-R Over sticker dealer naughty list.

    If you don't want a Type R then don't buy a Type R. It's that simple. Please, get whatever car your heart desires.
  12. Spare Tire for Type R

    Just curious, all the stuff in the picture came when you ordered the two part numbers, the rim and tire? Also, what was the cost of everything in the picture? Just trying to get an idea how much I'll likely spend to get everything needed to change a flat. Thanks in advance.
  13. Is the CTR right for me?

    I agree with Dicecube!
  14. Hurricane Harvey

    Noooooo!!!!! Not the Supra!!!
  15. Spare Tire for Type R

    I don't think they would clear the brakes. If you got a flat up front you would probably need to put the spare on the back and put the factory 20 up front to clear the brake.
  16. Shift knob removal

    Lefty loosey I would assume.
  17. Spare Tire for Type R

    Do you have a honda part # for the ridgeline spare? must we buy the tire and rim or does it come already mounted?
  18. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Ok, I'll bite. Where did you get the seat cover? How can I get a couple of them?