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  1. KS Roll Call!

    Last Friday Night Drag Racing or Test n Tune at Heartland Park in Topeka this Friday. Usually $30 for unlimited runs & $10 for spectators. 8/28/20 - Gates open at 6:00PM Only about an hour from KC. Bring a DOT/SNELL rated helmet if you think you might run under 14.0 seconds. Ending the year...
  2. 10th Gen Civic 1/4 Mile Times

    Haha! It is a great platform, I have my money on you! This drive train is absolutely wonderful, on top of saving my life twice now! Not sure what else you need to prove man! You are already faster than 90% of the people on this board, even Si's & Type R's. You'd probably even steam roll me...
  3. 10th Gen Civic 1/4 Mile Times

    It is a beautiful car and sounds very good! Very quick for a stock turbo on slicks. Still love your car more, pretty impressive for bolt on's, tune & street tires! On a non-Si w/ a CVT & no LSD at that. Just respect that street car hustle more!
  4. 10th Gen Civic 1/4 Mile Times

    Believe this is the Black Si out of Kansas City, posted a video of this run awhile ago here. Seen him run a few times at Heartland Park, the car is usually on slicks & has full drag wheels with skinnies in the rear. Always on a trailer. Here's the video:
  5. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    Exactly what I was thinking and I don't even like red. However, someone must have seen this post. A deposit has been put down as of 5:00pm EST today and someone is coming in Sunday to grab it! Enjoy! Great price and dealership. The sales staff has been great!
  6. FS: 2019 CW 1100 miles.

    I was behind you a few cars back on Ft. Riley Boulevard.
  7. FS: 2019 CW 1100 miles.

    What's up man! Saw you in town the other night, I was trying to catch up for a run but traffic was thick. Good luck with the sale, a ton of Big Red One is coming home....hopefully with cash for that thing. Love to go in a ride and compare it to my Accord 2.0T!
  8. Accord 2.0T Sport/EX-L/Touring

    Sure am and I think a big 3,500lb sedan that gets down with cars of this caliper on a track says a lot. It is no slouch, I don't understand the issue, why you hating bro? A Type R is not a fast straight line car and 90%+ of drivers could probably never drive it to it's potential on a road...
  9. Accord 2.0T Sport/EX-L/Touring

    This is true and starting to become more standard over the years.There are so many transmission designs out there however this is a very different design & the way it operates is why I call it a hybrid. Even the forward & reversing mechanism on the planetary set is very different and accounts...
  10. Accord 2.0T Sport/EX-L/Touring

    Now that the engine is broke in I get 24mpg average in the city everyday driving spirited & very spirited on the weekends. The exact same I was getting using a TSP Stage 1 tune on my 18' Si with same conditions, warm ups & route. You can actually stay out of boost and under 3,000rpm if you want...
  11. CTR at (or below?!!) sticker NICE LIST!

    Crown Honda in St. Petersburg, FL quoted $35,572 just over the internet. They've been hounding me for the whole week trying to make a deal. Very nice people. That's $1,048 under MSRP - No test drives!
  12. Accord 2.0T Sport/EX-L/Touring

    Extremely reliable I am guessing, especially since these turbo K series have been around awhile now. I use to work in the Automotive field and still keep in touch with some of the best Honda/Toyota Technicians/Service Advisors/etc I know. They never see any real issues with the 2.0T Accords...
  13. Accord 2.0T Sport/EX-L/Touring

    Love my 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T Sport.....even saved me from serious damage in a bad rear ender in July(Amazing steel H beams front & rear.) Especially now that the price is very very close to an Si it is a no brainer, seeing $26,000 everywhere now. Really is the best of all worlds I think. I...
  14. Tampa, FL

    See ya'll at Dupont in November, any night time activities? Be down for the month next weekend. Saw they do test & tune 1/4 runs during the week at Showtime Dragstrip.....anyone go?
  15. 12 Second 1/4 Mile time - Street Tires Is it Doable?

    Honda nailed the power deliver on these things! Stock they are just so easy to run & without too much traction loss....remember we leave at idle or 720-800rpm in the 10A/T. The computers do a very good job at controlling the torque output stock. And don't forget how potent the transmission...
  16. 12 Second 1/4 Mile time - Street Tires Is it Doable?

    Those guys are on a full set of drag slicks running a 12.7? Even got the skinnies in the back, am I missing something? Even a few full carbon looking bit & interior stripped as well from the second picture? Nice work but completely different setups. Pretty sure you could knock that 60 foot...
  17. Debating on Si or Accord Sport

    Having had both, I'd pick the 2018 Honda Acccord Sport 2.0T, especially after Honda dropped the price so much. They can be found in the $26-$27K range all over now. Both vehicles had a KTuner tune & PRL Stage 1 intakes. The 10 speed automatic is what really convinced me, it combined with the...
  18. PRL Motorsports 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8 High Volume Intake System

    Any one go from a drop in PRL Stage 1 kit to this unit, wondering if you felt a difference? PRL just opened up orders for the Accord 2.0T K20C4 High Volume intake for delivery in January of 2020. Have the Stage 1 in the Accord already but not sure if it would really gain much more?
  19. Mod your ACT Sensor And Gain HP?!

    Interesting! Might have to see if the one in my K20C4 is similar!
  20. 12 Second 1/4 Mile time - Street Tires Is it Doable?

    Hopefully you get it figured out! I'm sure the Aggressive VSA will help tremendously. I went from wheel spin city to a chirp know it's just right when it feels almost like you're skating off the line and you just go! I ran the car 100% stock one night last year when the wife...