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  1. It just went from summer to damn near winter.

    Lot of my local R friends start to switch out their OEM wheels and tires once it hits below 45. If those don't get some heat into them before pushing it, I've seen some close call accidents. I'm running the DWS06 on my hatch and they are a pretty good all season tire. Good in most weather...
  2. Civic Si/R Vs Nissan 400Z Proto

    Nothing a few aftermarket parts can't fix. Also according to MotorTrend: The 2022 Nissan 400Z will go on sale in America in the spring of 2021.
  3. Wtf 27turbo slower

    I picked up only 10whp/10wtq. I dont see that as significant enough to make much of a difference. Ceteris Parabus maybe that 13.34 turns to 13.30. Its really gonna come down to gearing, grip, tricking cvt logic and weight to cut down times more.
  4. Wtf 27turbo slower

    I'm tempted to just throw on my ex sedan stock 16inch wheels just to see if I can fiddle with the gearing even though I probably add rotational mass with the 16 oem wheels lol.
  5. CVT with Full Bolt Ons and Turbo Upgrade

    Not yet still waiting on Drob to send them over when he has the time.
  6. Aftermarket Intake manifold

    A few have run more boost then that and were fine in regards to the manifold. Think the w1 turbo itself supposedly had some issues at like 35psi I forgot the exact number.
  7. Cvt issues as usual

    if rpms climbed but car didn't move then yeah that trans is almost done for.
  8. 19' EX Hatch P0172

    You check to see if your car was affected by the fuel pump recall? Or could be an injector issue to which there was another warranty extension for.
  9. Loud CVT whine when using paddle shifters in S mode ('19 Sport Hatchback)

    Yeah curious about the sound. Got any clips? You also sure its the CVT not the engine?
  10. Tuning 1.5t cvt with ktuner

    But gotta shave off those few tenths of a second on the 1/4 mile :(
  11. CIVIC 1.5T ARE ONE OF THE BEST HONDAS EVER MADE! I LOVE MY CIVIC! ft; faster than a 2020 BMW X7 M50I

    Smh... Yeah I'm done here... @gtman good luck with this one. I certainly don't have the same patience as you lol...
  12. CIVIC 1.5T ARE ONE OF THE BEST HONDAS EVER MADE! I LOVE MY CIVIC! ft; faster than a 2020 BMW X7 M50I

    CVT making 254/278? I'm FBO + W1 turbo on eblend that recently got re-tuned. I'm making 302/267. Previously I was 292/257 (with a few less mods) and with those power levels I put down a 13.3. 18 inch wheels on all season tires. Myx has done a 13.4 but with his 15 inch wheel setup + fbo also...
  13. CIVIC 1.5T ARE ONE OF THE BEST HONDAS EVER MADE! I LOVE MY CIVIC! ft; faster than a 2020 BMW X7 M50I

    You aren't going to run low 13s unless you running slicks, smaller wheels and some added power. TSP Stage 1 will do a high 13 around 13.7-13.9.
  14. Let's Talk Spark Plugs

    oooh NOS on 2.0 CVT? What sort of kit are you running?
  15. CVT with Full Bolt Ons and Turbo Upgrade

    What is quoted in there are MSRP prices. Luckily most of that I got via some sort of discount but regular MSRP prices are a tad high.... With the added TIP and Race MAF, you are looking at around $6500 MSRP. An interesting food for thought... A 1.5T Sport Hatch with the 6MT MSRP approx $24k...
  16. Wtf 27turbo slower

    Guess I need to see if my friend wants to line up again and redo. Curiosity but full vsa off for both cars? Button vsa just off? Brake/Rev at stop? Full vsa off via pedal dance I know helped my 1/4 mile passes as did minor brake/gas (sorta like brake boost)
  17. My 0-60 time 1.5 CVT Coupe

    Between driver mod, pedal commander bogging down the CVT and a not to accurate app gauging 0-60, probably why your times are so slow. As per MotorTrend.
  18. Wtf 27turbo slower

    Dig to 70mph? I've done a 20-70 roll on a fbo stock turbo fk7 cvt on eblend. I gave him a minor hit and by 40 I was pulling and by 50mph I was already ahead. Seems like that guy needs to get this tune fixed.
  19. Hood Weight?

    Hood is approximately 32lbs supposedly. I'm looking to get confirmation from a few places.