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  1. Money shift

    I have been fine since then. I am at around 19,000 miles and have full bolt ons and ethanol.
  2. PRL Cobra CAI Race Tuning

    contact K-tuner they will provide it for you at no charge! However I suggest purchasing TSP stage 1 tune for the race MAF for full gains.
  3. Houston

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  4. Houston

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  5. Houston

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  6. Type R MSRP Increasing to $37,230

    Agreed! I make over 125k and still bought the SI. Leaves me with a lot more money to use towards fun times with my daughter. I almost made a dumb mistake and wanted to purchase a GTR. Glad I didn't because it would limit my financial freedom.
  7. PRL Motorsports 1.5T PNP Flex Fuel Kit

    Depends where you mounted your catch can!
  8. 2016+ Civic 1.5T Air / Oil Separator Product Development and Pre-Order

    How is the development on this coming along?
  9. VERSION 2!! PRL Motorsports 2016+ Civic X 1.5T 3.00" Downpipe

    Bob I have installed one on Cody's car! We had to bend one bracket to get everything to bolt back like oem.
  10. 1.5T PRL Motorsports 1.5T PNP Flex Fuel Kit

    It integrates an ethanol sensor into your fuel lines and allows the ecu to also sense the ethanol amount which can allow more aggressive tuning options etc with the proper blend. You are not required to run ethanol due to the kit just gives you a way to measure the percentage in the tank. It is...
  11. Houston

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  12. ASAA Racing Galleria/Houston Area

    They have been around for many many years here in Houston. The only issue I have there is the prices they offer are way higher than most. Also when I ask certain people questions I get a lot of I don't know. "The guy that would know isn't here." Overall they do have tons of parts in stock which...
  13. AREA's 18 MSM SI Coupe build! LABWORKZ

    Put a few new things on but havent been working on the SI that much due to focusing on my Integra! Synthcarbon mirror caps! Tinted my reverse lights! Put our team banner on the front!
  14. ***MAPerformance Civic SI 1.5t Catback Release and Group Buy!***

    Yes its all based on adjustment. If you keep everything loose enough to be manipulated it can tuck extremely tight. So tight it could rattle against the chassis. People are not properly adjusting the piping to tuck correctly. A lot has to do with the resonator piping the angle you place that at...
  15. AREA's 18 MSM SI Coupe build! LABWORKZ

    Thanks man! I am looking at tires soon. I am going to get wheels way later I am going for a sleeper look. lol then they pull up and Im gone lol
  16. AREA's 18 MSM SI Coupe build! LABWORKZ

    Thanks! I see tons viewing but not commenting but its all good. Right now I am building another car so I chilling for a bit on the daily. Next will be a 27won turbo!
  17. PRL Motorsports 1.5T PNP Flex Fuel Kit

    Awesome glad I could help!
  18. Houston

    Today is the day guys and gals!!!
  19. Houston

    Tomorrow is the day guys! Hope to see you out there!!!