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  1. Georgia FS: Maperformance exhaust, down pipe and front pipe

    I was interested in this but from looking at the exahaust and reading about it on websites don't you.jeed.tje front pipe and downpipe to since they are all vband clamps? How would one for to this to there car without a vband front pipe. Correct me if I'm wrong and if so I'd be interested.
  2. Si Exhaust question

    I know lots of people have modified the factory type r exahaust to sedans. My question is how difficult and what would be needed to make the greedy sp for the type r fit my si sedan? I really like the design better for the type r and surprisingly it's less expensive. Thanks I'm advanced for the...
  3. South Carolina (GONE) Type R Modified Hood Scoop

    I'll take it and in south Carolina, if it's still available I can come tomorrow if your close and get it.
  4. Si Air Fuel ratio question / concern.

    So my PowerMetrics tune at around 14.2 is not good your saying? The tune is locked so I can't adjust anything and since the tsp seems to be where I need to be i think I might switch back for daily driving.
  5. Si Air Fuel ratio question / concern.

    I have searched the forum and can't seem to find an accurate answer to this. I have Flashpro on my si and prl short ram. I switch between tsp stage 1 and PowerMetrics Stage 1 depending on what I'm doing. My concern is I've noticed a big difference in my AFR on the 2 tunes. On tsp under boost my...
  6. California FS: SoCal - Invidia Gemini r400 Exhaust Civic SI Sedan

    Any chance your willing to ship yet?
  7. Rooted Stock headunit- What's your setup (apps)

    Has anyone on here successful installed the paid 7.99 hondata v1.4.2 app to there Honda hacked head unit? I've been trying for weeks and searching and researching all over the forum and internet and can't find any answers to this. I have it on my phone, extracted it to an sd card in.which I then...
  8. PRL/ WEAPON R hybrid intake

    Or this
  9. PRL/ WEAPON R hybrid intake

    Not sure, this is the exact kit but I might get some silicone hosing and fab my own with some gold wrap to keep the heat down. I'm still undecided the route I want to go exactly.
  10. How many Civics have you owned?

    I've had 5 so far. My first car was a black 95 ex coupe, mirrored after the fast and furious coupes. After that had a turbo'd 95 ex(stolen from me) . Then it was a 99 ek hatch with a type r motor. 4th was an 06 si coupe and now a 2019 si sedan.
  11. PRL/ WEAPON R hybrid intake

    The filter itself feels different then it did a few years ago, it's plastic and the construction seems solid. So far I'm happy with it considered it's hot as hell where I live. On a side note I got my other issue resolved with the 5600 rpm fuel cut.
  12. PRL/ WEAPON R hybrid intake

    Well that sucks to hear. I guess I'll start shopping a new one and see how this one does on the car until then. So far I notice a difference from.the prl filter it's not as loud but seems to have better response..but my iat are both up a little.
  13. PRL/ WEAPON R hybrid intake

    I have the prl sho I want to run the weapon r ram air tube behind the fog garnish. Here is my setup now. Nothing special but looking into some new fog garnish setups to help bring more air in.
  14. PRL/ WEAPON R hybrid intake

    I recently installed the prl short ram on my 2019 si but in the process ended up slightly crushing and bending up the filter a little. I started researching filters and in the past have used the secret weapon filter with the ram air add on tube. I do realize I could have spent less and got the...
  15. Car is bogging down.

    So I received an answer from Derrick from TSP his conclusion was it is my Full throttle shift engaging, according to his on the datalogg it shows the clutch pedal is slightly depressed and causing the issues. I'll be going for a run today and making sure my foot is completely away from the...
  16. Weird sound with prl short ram

    The "whoosh" isn't what I'm worried it's the hks fluttering "whoosh". But I agree and am ordering a new filter for it today. Anyone here add on the hks filter to there car here I'm thinking of going that route? If not what are some good replacement filters for the short ram aside from the prl one?
  17. Weird sound with prl short ram

    Yesterday I installed my PRL short ram and not gonna lie I kinda bent the filter a bit trying to get the velocity stack into that connects to the maf but I don't think that's the issue. But when I drive and accelerate it sounds great but it flutters a lot and sounds like I have the hks ssq bov...
  18. Fake vent ideas

    Here's his Instagram link. I have no ties to this guy just FYI I just ran across him looking for parts on Facebook. But he's got some nice different styles as well.
  19. Fake vent ideas

    He said 125 shipped for the ones with the circles. Not a bad deal
  20. Fake vent ideas

    Not sure, here's one with a velocity stack on it. It says to.message him on Instagram. You can see his name in the pics below.