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  1. Let’s see some wheels

    16x7' rpf1 on 215/55/16 tires. Got em cause they weight 13.7 lbs. Which makes them the lightest rims available with 5 bolt pattern. Given flow formed manufacturing, most of the weight is in the middle, which makes them feel even lighter then the 13.7lbs.
  2. 2.0L vs 1.5L Turbo

    Funny...rehashing one of my post from 2016, before I bought my car. Anyways, 450CA is probably enough to crank over the 2.0na engine. The nice thing about new 650CCA battery, it'll probably still crank over the engine when 1/2 drained, while the 450CCA would be in trouble. I've replace my...
  3. Considering 2.0 6M sedan or SI

    I had 10 6MT LX to select from when I bought my Civic, but only one of them was Aegean blue. .. Much easier to find a manual here in Canada... For US, I think flying over to the closest State that has inventory and driving it back, is the only way to get the 6MT. Personally, I feel like a wolf...
  4. Best replacement battery for Civic?

    My AGM (from canadiantires) was 1/2 size and weight of oem. Couldn't get it to charge up during March, because car wasn't getting driven. it would completely drain in about 10min from playing the music. However, it's back to normal driving and working perfectly. I highly recommend these agm if...
  5. I think the LSD should be standard on all Civics

    Give that Type-R is still the fastest mass production front-drive for the track, I trust Type-R's LSD. Personally, I like the idea of Honda promoting the LSD as a substitute for AWD, but they're going have to tune it properly for lesser models which are more street focused.
  6. I think the LSD should be standard on all Civics

    Back in 1999, at highway speed, had to put 1/2 the car into the shoulder cause the gap I was going to take suddenly closed-up and I had to dodge the other way or rear end the car in front of me (my more crazy days...that incident caused me to upgrade my 98 DX Hatch)... Reason why this story is...
  7. I think the LSD should be standard on all Civics

    Coming from the generation who a destined to be functional druggies.
  8. I think the LSD should be standard on all Civics

    In that case, dry performance between the two cars would be the true test. Granted, for drag racing (with both turbo engine), can't beat that LSD, especially if car is tuned. For my K20C2 6MT (which can still overpower the available rubber), LSD is a waste of money.
  9. I think the LSD should be standard on all Civics

    Old tires/rubber do not perform as well as new ones. Swap your wheels with your friends Si and I suspect the LSD issue would be solved.
  10. 2018 Honda Civic LX door plastic scuffs

    $23k before tax isn't peanuts. Especially when wages does not reflect inflation for the past 2 decades. Luckily, manufacturing efficiency has compensated and we're still able to afford a decent car (however all the toxic food that only the poor can afford is another matter). So, $23k is a lot...
  11. Wider wheel or thinner wheel?

    low rolling resistance tire is required for better consumption, which doesn't make for a good track setup.
  12. Wider wheel or thinner wheel?

    I remember when 15' was consider large. It's retarded to go over 18' on a Civic. Good turn-in can also be had with strong/stiff sidewalls, not wheel diameter. My old 98 Civic Hatchback had 195/50/15 Toyo Proxes and only a super-car could turn in faster. Here's one what Randy comparing an...
  13. Is it worth getting a tune?

    I'm going to have to put my 2 cents in to represent the other manual Civic owners with base 2.0L sedan/coupe. 1. Wheels and tires (lighter flow-formed rims & low thread-count tires) 2. Premium front rotors and pad. (rear brakes are sufficient for casual track-days) 3. Weight delete (e.g spare...
  14. Best budget brakes for HBS?

    I had my fronts replaced with EBC oem rotors and Yellow stuff pads. Haven't had a chance to try them at the track, but braking performance on the street is significantly better. The new brakes bite better and are more intuitive (easier to modulate). However, the rear pad/rotors are still...
  15. Wider wheel or thinner wheel?

    For cheap consumption. I got 40mpg on a 350 mile day trip on Westlake sa57. Plus: wet grip, lateral traction, braking, noise (when cruising), consumption, thread wear, price. Minus: forward traction, squeals a lot. Note: Forward traction would get better with larger size, since i'm only...
  16. Best cheap car for drag racing?

    Your on the street, not suppose to racing anyways. Little poke is all you get. Problem is, muscle car owners don't know how to poke back (more power requires more ability). So, they lose their poll position. Plus, I trust myself to see what's coming up ahead...vs relying on the idiots ahead...
  17. Best cheap car for drag racing?

    True, not the real thing, but great way to disrespect the rear drive cause too much under the hood and not enough ability. Those old v8 need tlc or they'll just rust away. Complete rebuild is only cheap when you can do it yourself.
  18. Non-SI/CTR owners, how often do you drive your car hard/ do WOT pulls? Any issues?

    Same or more abuse on my 2017 2.0 6mt lx sedan. Odo is 117k and it's still getting faster. I've been lax on my oil change intervals, but did the trans fluid about 70k ago (not going to do it again unless shift-feel gets weird). Nothing else done except recently... I did the brakes for the first...
  19. Best cheap car for drag racing?

    The nice thing about stop-light, there's no rules for your take-off. Rear drive will need the weight transfer to get the tires to hook-up, but weight transfer will be toxic on front drive. To compensate, you hang behind them about 1/2 car length and time the lights, while rolling-in the power...
  20. Best cheap car for drag racing?

    Trading a daily for a drag car doesn't seem smart.