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  1. How to: powershift your new type R and (rev limiter downshift)

    The DEALER does the PDI. Not the factory. PDI is the inspection dealers do after a car arrives on their lots.
  2. Did Honda Kill The 2017 Civic Si?

    Weight has nothing to do with a racing clutch. An EcoBoost clutch is heavier than a GT clutch and a Mustang GT clutch is heavier than a Shelby GT350.
  3. Did Honda Kill The 2017 Civic Si?

    For the people that say "the Si is cheaper than the ST" do none of you know it X-Plan exists for Ford and is super easy to get? You can get a base 2017 Focus St for 21,239(23.9 before rebates), and a Fiesta ST for $18.9(21 before rebates). Both are cheaper than the Si even without the rebates...
  4. What is your CTR doing in Winter

    Wusss, throw on some blizzaks. If I can power a RWD v8 though snow storms you can take a civic lol.
  5. Looking to buy a CTR at msrp or close to msrp, can you provide tips and advice?

    Yeah for the price of a CTR+ the markups I can pay 1k more and order a 2018 Mustang GT exactly how I want it.
  6. 17 Civic Si vs Ecoboost S550 vs 2.0T Camaro

    for 39K(must be fully loaded) you should get a 5.0 I'm looking at a NEW 2017 Premium GT with Performance package and Upgraded sound system for 37K. The Eco boost can be had a little more than an SI, and just a tune on the Perf Pkg will get them into the low 13's. Toss on a nice handling pack...
  7. 2018 Si's are on lots

    Usually on 2nd year the panel gaping/fit finish and super tiny adjustments are done since the factories are now up to speed to production and the bugs can get worked out. It's rarely anything drastic, usually more "enough small fixes" that is noticeable when driving both back to back.
  8. Cheaper Entry-Level 2018 Civic Type R variant coming?!

    Well no wonder I didn't think this had been posted, that thread title is shit lol.
  9. Cheaper Entry-Level 2018 Civic Type R variant coming?!

    How is finding an NHTSA that proves a 2nd version is coming Clickbait? Its worthy enough that Autoblog ran with it.
  10. Cheaper Entry-Level 2018 Civic Type R variant coming?! This sounds like the R I'd be more interested in.
  11. Honda Civic Type-R Over sticker dealer naughty list.

    Wait till Kia dealers get Stinger GT's lol. Salesman that usually deal with people with sub-600 credit and live paycheck to paycheck suddenly selling an actually reasonable touring car. THey are gonna have no idea what to do when a person with actual stability calls up or walks in to get a car...
  12. Whoops, We Did It Again -> VitTuned + KTuner + PRL == Stock Turbo Big Power

    What would the numbers have been on 91-93oct? Thats what 90+% of people are only ever going to use.
  13. Anyone else getting, "Hey I love your CRX!"?

    I wish there was a new CRX :-( I had hoped so much the CR-Z would get the Si engine at some point.
  14. New Accord getting the engine the Si SHOULD have?

    You must love to rant, because I'm not going to even bother reading all that. I said it could easily make similar power, and an LSD POSSIBLY, COULD, be swapped. You must love to sound smart to your self in your head. Also, I'm 34. My last car was a bolt-on, heads/cams Mach1. I don't give a shit...
  15. New Accord getting the engine the Si SHOULD have?

    Pics of what? The Ford Fusion line's been nearly all turbos for years and dropped the NA v6 a couple yrs back. The lineup for a while now has been 1.6T(1.5T now I think), 2.5, 2.0T(awd optional), and now 2.7TT(awd standard) It's not really supposed to, but with even the 1.5T making not to much...
  16. New Accord getting the engine the Si SHOULD have?

    One Ford made a few years back with no regrets.
  17. New Accord getting the engine the Si SHOULD have?

    I still don't get why Maxima just inst a performance package on the Altima.
  18. 2018 Honda Accord Discussion

    I like the idea of the manual with the 2.0T, but the lack of coupe option is really hashing my buzz on it. I'm eager to see how it looks with a tune. more eager to see how it does with a few Type R parts swapped over.
  19. I don't feel like a 1.5l 4cyl saves much money in gas over a 6.2l V8

    Having come from a moddified Mach1 that got 18MPG average and now is in an Altima getting 24MPG(lead foot) there is a NOTICEABLE difference in how often I have to go to the gas station, and the price difference from 93 to 87.
  20. 2018 Civic begin arriving on dealerships on OCT 3rd

    Then I'd say the Accord doesn't have it either. Sounds like more confusion of VTEC and VTC.