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  1. Hondata + Brake Pad Maintenance Mode

    This is not correct--if you retract the parking brake from the computer, you don't need to twist the piston. You just push it straight back and it's super easy. See service manual picture of rear pad replacement below.
  2. Randy Pobst in 2020 CTR hot laps.

    I have to say 1:34s down to 1:32s at Willow Springs is a blazing fast time. My old race Integra with all the mods in the world did a best ever lap of 1:32.x on race rubber, plus I'm sure that Randy can push it that much harder than me. That a stock Civic (R) can do that out of the box is just...
  3. CTR White wheels.

    That’s a classic look that takes me back to the 90s. :thumbsup:
  4. Why buy a car you can't afford?

    I was about to write a comment on how that sounds exactly like the cause of the 2008 crash, and then I saw you were already mentioning the mortgages. lol Yep, that's exactly how we had the great recession.
  5. C&R Radiator Installed

    I have been emailing Corey. $1089 + shipping ($80 for CA) for the race radiator.
  6. Why buy a car you can't afford?

    Actually with private insurance it's the same thing. When people in the population covered by your insurance company get injured, do unhealthy things and need expensive care and so on, your insurance folds that combined risk into the calculations that determine your premiums. It's not a...
  7. First CTR Limited Edition on Track in Germany

    Back when I was a lot younger, I had a 1997 Integra Type R with no AC. That first year it was a dealer installed option. I tracked it regularly in the CA desert heat. I remember one summer when driving to Las Vegas Motor Speedway I had to keep pouring water on the front of my shirt to try to...
  8. Type R LE 0-290 km/hr

    Assuming it’s on level ground, I think it’s speedo error, which is very common on all makes of cars. 2% sounds well within reason for normal street driving. Regarding power loss from weight, I don’t think that will make a difference in top speed. The power loss that people measure is due to the...
  9. Places to Track you car in So Cal? Suggestions (LA, Orange County, San Diego area)

    Generally you'll want to look up some clubs that rent the track for track days. The track itself usually doesn't put on their own events other than test sessions--they mostly rent out the track and maintain the facilities. Most clubs welcome beginners and they usually offer instructors. I...
  10. Oil pressure track data

    For the second guy, he is comparing a stock engine with a supercharged one with a different tune. We have no idea if the Lingenfelter package was running a bit richer and thus cooler. Lingenfelter also sells oil coolers and we would want to confirm if his package included one. It seems...
  11. Audio issues with 2020 Type R

    When you guys bought your car, did you get a customer questionnaire? I got one and one of the questions was something like “Would you pay extra in order to have a branded sound system?” I said no at the time but now I wish I had said yes. Not that I’m that unhappy with the sound.
  12. Need Advice: Track Day - Rear wheels like to dance during high-speed braking

    I edited my post above, but I believe you. For me it really did make the braking a lot more stable. The wiggling I’m referring to was a very harsh and clearly artificial thing and not the chassis naturally acting the way it does.
  13. Need Advice: Track Day - Rear wheels like to dance during high-speed braking

    No, I think you have to hold it down until it enters a second mode. The first mode you entered doesn’t completely disable it. edit: ok, I tested it and my estimate is about 7 seconds, which means you probably did it right.
  14. Need Advice: Track Day - Rear wheels like to dance during high-speed braking

    The dancing under braking is due to the stability control. Turn it off (hold the button down for several seconds) until it says it's completely off. I did this procedure from willimo: There is another super complicated procedure that some people are using but the simple one above worked for me...
  15. Retracting parking brake with scan tool?

    You only need to put the car ignition to on, but you don’t start the car. Just press the start button twice without your foot on the clutch. First press turns on accessory mode, second press turns ignition on but doesn’t start the engine.
  16. Suzuka LE lap record

    When watching this I find myself staring so hard at the temp gauge to see if I can tell if it's overheating or not.
  17. Looks like CarAndDriver found out about the Type R overheating issues first hand

    My comments: I would put as #0 in your list “the engine itself.” I used to think the integrated exhaust manifold MUST be a huge amount of heat transferred to the coolant, but now I’m not so sure. Remember also that even without an integrated manifold, the exhaust passages are still surrounded...
  18. 2020 Type R 2k miles Rotors are scored up on all 4 wheels

    Ah, that’s very interesting. I haven’t seen those type of springs before. I’m also amazed the Odyssey has 2 piston calipers. Having looked at the service manual, I‘m pretty sure the brembos don’t have those and instead have some sheet metal retaining springs that just hold the pads in.
  19. 2020 Type R 2k miles Rotors are scored up on all 4 wheels

    It sounds like it happens only when you slow down to a certain slow speed. That would point to something that is resonating. Can you point to an illustration or diagram where the spring pulls the pads away from the disc? My impression has always been that the spring presses radially inward...
  20. Are 2020 Civic Type R's Still Overheating on track?

    Going back to the overheating thing, if anyone with a 2020 reads this, it would be of great help if you went to the track purely stock and reported on your results in some detail. You should include your skill level, the ambient temperature, and how long you are able to push your car until the...