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  1. Vtec turbo decal

    Hi Scott, If you want to trade/swap, let me know. Regards, Forrest
  2. finally joined the club! *long post*

    I know. As if it wants a 7th gear
  3. Vtec turbo decal

    I have the oem, but its gray. now I realize it may not show up on my dark tinted rear hatch. I rethink this, but may end up either trying to return or sell to anyone of you who want it in event I order a Canadian white version. regards, Forrest
  4. FK8 radiator fan

    thanks Michael, Sorry but where did they get the 2020 grill From if not from Honda dealerships since it just came out? Please confirm thanks
  5. FK8 radiator fan

    Hi Michael, Thanks for sharing your cooling mod list. Besides changing radiator and or adding oil cooler, I was trying to confirm with honda if either the 2020 grill if not also bumper will fit my 18. What would you recommend? I’m getting conflicting answers from others vs a Honda body shop...
  6. My garage door and my dumba$$ gouged the center black piece of the back edge if my spoiler, what options do I have?

    if you decide to, you could buy mine . It's still like new. in a box waiting for it's new home/R. I was attempting to sell to another owner, but he didn't follow through all the way to pick it up so I it's stil availible. Due to covid/shelter in place I still have it waiting to...
  7. NEW 2020 Type R Grille: Here's the Parts you need

    If you don't want your vent panels(2020), I'll trade you. assuming they fit. I'm in process of replacing my bumper and am getting conflicting feedback whether the whole bumper or just the grill will fit either bumper between years. I left a message with a local Honda parts dept to get back...
  8. 2020 Civic Type R Price Announced at $36,995 (a $695 Increase)

    hi - was Autonation Honda Roseville one of them? They gave me a decent deal since I told them I wanted mine to start at msrp. It was either there or wait list from Texas or travel or ship from Akron OH. yeh it’s hard to see the future, timing and rarity/ demand. I took the risk but obviously...
  9. 2020 Civic Type R Price Announced at $36,995 (a $695 Increase)

    So would you recommend I have them change to new radiator while I have bumper off to replace for new 2020?
  10. 2020 Civic Type R Price Announced at $36,995 (a $695 Increase)

    How hard would it be to swap out for new radiator core? While I hope to change front bumper, what is different in new radiator? Is it worth changing radiator while or what is specific to “radiator core”? mid tha dampeners totally different or can ours be tweaked and if so, how?
  11. 2020 Civic Type R Price Announced at $36,995 (a $695 Increase)

    :thumbsup::love::yes::dance:So thought I only would have to change bumper/grill but, now radiator too. Many of you all I'm sure have already did this and more for better cooling. So question is what radiator core etc has owners already changed to that would be equivalent to new one in 2020...
  12. 2018 CTR wing for sale best offer

    Yes I was going to only do the wing CF, but splurged on the mirror caps too. Then got them ceramic coated. Beautiful! Yep, next I hope do the inside too. My concern or focus was on the exterior w/ acessories so I could then protect them once on the car with ceramic coating. I'll have to retake...
  13. Bought This Beauty Yesterday

    Congrats! great color. my 3rd choice of colors. Welcome!
  14. That’s right, yet another intake thread! (Sorry)

    Yes thanks for sharing that eye opener intake Hondata vid. So if the Oem holds temps down more than those other intakes it seems: plastic vs metal - metal attracting more heat closed box vs open - looks to contribute to more hotter air ie frm engine bay in wrapping as such mishiimoto box...
  15. 2018 CTR wing for sale best offer

    I’m selling my own inner black wing off my fk8 2018 It’s the inner spoiler only as I replaced it with a carbon fiber one. If anyone wants it for say $100 plus shipping it’s your if not best offer. Let me know It’s still in the box. Ready to go to a new civic. Please / you can personal mail...
  16. Rockingham Auto Drops Insurance on Type R

    Despite bing in nor CAL, I have USAA.full coverage with my daily 08 SI; $135/mo. I'll have to ask them about covering parts. However, my ceramic pff shop told me the insurance will cover the exterior. Good to confirm/know, thanks for sharing. I was going to rely/go with Haggerty for tracking...
  17. New Type R F

    Congrats. my second color choice for sure.
  18. New Type R F

    So true. Just got mine done, I should have took picks when she was all lit under the lights in the shop. Glassy awesome. Well worth the investment yet they gave me 1k off for holidays. The rain got her all wet sat night but by sun am the waters beads just rolled off as I drove off down the...
  19. CTR Owners - Please answer honestly

    Hi JP, Can I ask where you got your ceramic done assuming in SF bay area? Who do you recommend?