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  1. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    Anything else in the works you can tell us about? or just give us a wink
  2. Perrin "what to expect" motor mount inserts

    Haven't got around to it sadly. Don't see why it wouldn't fit and believe there is a few others with the whiteline.
  3. Sequence Manufacturing Titanium Exhaust

    I will have to take a video. I ran the RVP Catted DP and stock exhaust and sounded good to me.Not buzz/rasp. After switching to the Sequence and also added the the RV6 FP I experience the sound even with the valve closed (havent hooked up the valve system yet). So makes me wonder if the FP is...
  4. Sequence Manufacturing Titanium Exhaust

    Don't recall but do DP & FP? Wanted to ask since I feel like the exhaust with my setup with RV6 catted DP and FP has a bit of a buzz/rasp sound.
  5. Pushing Direct Injection Limits at 480+whp

    Think one of the items I am curious about is how will Hondata handle giving out the software key in order to utilize their HPFP control. Yes they provide the key when you purchase their kit. However at what cost will it be to obtain the key if you wanted to go a different route like the...
  6. PRL Motorsports P600 Honda Civic Type-R FK8 Drop-In Turbocharger Upgrade Development

    Which doesn't hondata require purchase of their kit in order to manage a Did you consider trying the Holley hydramat?
  7. Sequence Manufacturing Titanium Exhaust

    Guess caveat for consideration is I haven't ran the vacuum line yet. But while sitting idle and I put my hand in front of tips can feel the flow on the right tip and barely anything on the left. With that said you would think the left tip should be black like the others since the valve has been...
  8. Sequence Manufacturing Titanium Exhaust

    Need to attempt to look through this thread. But wasn't someone on here seeing that the exhaust only is coming out the two tips? After waiting forever and a day to get mine installed and getting the fit right I noticed the exhaust is only coming out of the middle and right. Still under 500...
  9. Anyone from OHIO

    How much are you selling them for?
  10. Sequence Manufacturing Titanium Exhaust

    Your hanger in one of the photos looks like it is about to fall off the muffler. Well today I just tried to adjust the slip joints again. About same clearance as before and driving around normal no issues. Once I got on the gas hard for a little quick pull it shifted and was sitting on the jack...
  11. KOYORAD radiator VS. Spoon VS. Full Race

    If I swap out my radiator I would also want to do the Acuity reverse flow hoses at the same time. If you are still talking to PWR maybe mention the clearance with an aftermarket intake like PRL. Would be awesome if they can make accommodations for more clearance for bigger intake hoses.
  12. KOYORAD radiator VS. Spoon VS. Full Race

    What were you showing in the image you sent to them? Is it the clearance between the air intake hose & radiator? Know my PRL high volume intake hose in a mm away from the radiator hose. If they have an option that lowers that radiator point very slightly that would be awesome.
  13. PRL Motorsports 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8 High Volume Intake System

    I don't think any product will bring back the shine since it seems like the gloss finish was worn off. Here is a link for a video on how silicone hoses are made.
  14. Sequence Manufacturing Titanium Exhaust

    I was referring to the other hangers on the back not the one you circled in blue. If you look at bouford last photo it shows the orientation of the rear hanger like what is on the photo on the website. What it looks to me is your hangers got flipped to the wrong sides (what should be on the left...
  15. Sequence Manufacturing Titanium Exhaust

    Do you have your hangers on backwards for the rear? Doesn't looks like what is on the website.
  16. PRL Motorsports 2017+ Honda Civic Type-R FK8 Turbocharger Inlet Pipe Kit

    I would assume any of their authorized dealers. PRL Authorized Dealers
  17. Catted vs catless?

    I am willing to bet those figures in your chart are based off cars following guidelines and are using a catalytic converter. Small things add up and it isn't just Civics going catless. Add up all the car enthusiast across all makes/models, new/old, port injected,/direct injected, carburetor etc...
  18. Sequence Manufacturing Titanium Exhaust

    Correct it is hitting that area. I will have to see if they shop I had it installed can try and move it forward anymore. Am going to wait until I get some mileage on it as I mentioned. Thanks for posting photos of yours
  19. Sequence Manufacturing Titanium Exhaust

    The area in the circle is what is close